Just hours ago we offered you an intimate behind-the-scenes look at the participating teams at the FIFA U-20 World Cup Colombia 2011. From jubilant dances and the elation of victory to pre-match prayers and the despair of defeat, we brought you a host of unforgettable images courtesy of the privileged access afforded FIFA’s photographers. Now, we’d like to take you into the stands and give you a feel for wonderful fiesta of football that has been Colombia 2011.

That’s right, check out the photo gallery we’ve put together especially for FIFA.com users by simply clicking on the link to the right. There you can see the kaleidoscope of colours the fans have brought to this event, from costumes and painted faces to sombreros and flags. Maybe you’ve been to some of the games yourself? Then you may even see yourself in one of our photos. With this wonderful and exclusive compilation of images you can have a front-row seat on the colour and passion of the crowds at Colombia 2011. Hope you enjoy it!