The Official Slogan of the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup Japan 2012, “HOPE LEADS”, was presented today at the Official Draw in Tokyo.

The Official Slogan was jointly developed by FIFA and the Local Organising Committee to help deliver a message of hope through football and the youth of Japan, a country that became united under one hope after being afflicted by last year’s disaster.

“Hope Leads” reflects the Japanese nation’s steady progress towards restoration. It also embodies the wish to bring greater courage and hope of a better future for the Japanese people, by inviting them to participate in a fantastic and exciting football experience.

The slogan does not have a specific meaning. It all depends on each readers’ interpretation and background: “Hope Leads” could mean “Hope leads you to the future,” “Hope leads your team to victory,” “Hope leads the world to peace,” or in relation to Japan, “Hope leads Japan to restoration from the disaster.”