Norway's heroes reflect

On an afternoon when the Norway women's team head off for rest and relaxation, their two star players from Wednesday night, Leni Larsen Kaurin and Melissa Wiik, tore themselves away from the sands of Qinhuangdao to speak with about their exploits against the USA and their experiences so far.

The conversation between the two players flowed just as well as their understanding on the pitch, so much so that we've merely reported a transcript of their chat on the shores of the Yellow Sea.

After breaking the record for scoring the fastest ever goal at the Women's Olympic Football Tournament, Larsen Kaurin, a 27-year-old midfielder who plays her football for 1.FFC Turbine Potsdam in Germany, was the focus of attention. However, the pick of the two goals was scored by Wiik, four years her junior. In 2007, she scored 22 goals in as many games for club side Asker, and has scored 13 times in 33 appearances for the national team.

Not surprisingly, however, the opening topic of conversation was Leni's record-breaking second minute goal... So Leni, now that you've had time to think about it - how do you feel about your achievement?

Leni: I'm proud of the record, but the significance is a little bit lost on me. Maybe it's something that will mean more to me when I'm a bit older, but the most important thing for us was getting the three points.

Melissa: It's the best start we could have had. We thought that the US were our toughest opponents in the group, and we were very well prepared for the game. We did exactly what we set out to do, so we're very satisfied.

Leni: I wouldn't say it's one of our finest results, I would hope that we can do even better. Maybe it will be the best opening five minutes in Norway's history! But we know we have a good team, and the win over USA has given us a lot of confidence.

Melissa: We have got great self-confidence in the team and we know that we can beat everybody, but we have to be realistic. It was just three points and we have a long way to go in this tournament.

Leni: We'd been preparing for the game against USA for a long time. We had a pre-tournament training camp for about two weeks, and then we had a EURO qualifier against France, which we used as part of our build-up before coming to China.

Melissa: We had a long time without a match, but we needed to acclimatise, to get used to the time difference. You need time to get into a rhythm before the games, and the coaches have worked really hard to help us to do that.

Leni: Little things can be very important, because we're a small country and we need all the little advantages that we can get. You have to make sure you take the maximum out of everything.

Melissa: What also helps is our team spirit; we're really close - like a family. We enjoy being together. It's not like a team who just plays together, we socialise together, play Nintendo Wii, watch movies - we do everything together!

Leni: We're lucky to be in Qinhuangdao where the hotel is right on the beach, where it's a little bit fresher. We can sit in the sun for a bit and look out onto the sea - and you feel as though you are in a different place. It helps you to relax.