23-year old brunaocr from Brazil received the surprise of a lifetime when he won the Japan Football Challenge. The Grand Prize for the FIFA.com trivia contest, which tested users’ knowledge of football in Japan, was a trip for two to the Final of the FIFA Club World Cup Japan 2012 including flights, accommodation and match tickets. We met up with the young Sao Paulo local to talk about his experience in Japan.

FIFA.com: So brunaocr, first off, what were you doing when you discovered that you had won the contest?
brunaocr: I remember it vividly. I had just arrived home after having been out at a bar with friends. I checked my emails and saw the message headline from FIFA. I suddenly got goose bumps. I read the message then got up and ran to tell my mom I was going to Japan! She didn’t believe me of course and asked for proof. I called my friend immediately to tell him we were going to Japan. I want to take this opportunity to thank FIFA.com for creating such a significant moment in out lives. Thank you!

You’re very welcome! How was your trip?
The trip to Japan was the first time that I have travelled outside of Brazil. I was totally dazzled. Japan is a sensational place with such a different culture to my own. The stadium in Yokohama was so different to what we have in Brazil.

As a Brazilian it must have been particularly special to watch Corinthians play Chelsea in the final.
You’re wrong about that! [Laughing] I am crazy about their biggest rival, Sao Paulo. I was there to cheer for Chelsea! Unfortunately I didn’t provide luck to my Chelsea countryman David Luiz and Ramires.

What was the atmosphere like at the game?
The temperature was so cold but the celebrations and support didn’t stop for a minute.

Did you ever imagine that winning a contest on FIFA.com would send you overseas to watch a game of football?
The thought that I could win never crossed my mind. So much so that I decided to play the quiz just to test my knowledge. And then, on 12 October, on Children’s Day in Brazil, I received an e-mail informing me that I had won. For a grown-up kid, there couldn’t have been a better gift!

Were there many Brazilians at the tournament?
Yes, there were so many! The majority of the guests at our hotel were in fact Brazilians. But as a Sao Paulo fan in the midst of all those Corinthians supporters, the tone always turned to our great Brazilian rivalry.

What were the top three highlights of your trip?
The moment I picked up our tickets for the final, arriving at the stadium in Yokohama and the way we were received by the Japanese people who were always so hospitable to us.

Now it’s the world’s turn to visit Brazil for the FIFA Confederations Cup 2013. What can visitors expect?
Visitors to Brazil can expect to be welcomed and received in the best way ever. With certainty, they can also expect to see the best football in the world, Brazilian football!