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For the past five seasons, Club members actively participated in our popular football prediction game. Every week, players attempted to predict the outcomes of ten club fixtures from various world leagues in the hopes of winning prizes such as trips to the FIFA World Cup™, signed footballs and customized jerseys.

The most recent season of FIFA Match Predictor attracted over 120,000 players. With so many people so actively involved in playing our weekly game, the Club decided to take Predictor to a whole new level of gaming! We have been working tirelessly to rebuild the FIFA Predictor game in the off-season and we're happy to announce that the new FIFA Predictor will launch on 1 August, just in time for the start of new seasons in many of the top international club leagues!

Predict daily
The new FIFA Predictor is a football prediction game with a twist. Firstly, forget about making weekly predictions. It’s time to predict daily! Almost every hour of the day somewhere in the world, a professional team is playing a football match. Are you good enough to predict the results of these matches on a daily basis?

The second, and largest difference in our new FIFA Predictor, is that accuracy and consistency are crucial ingredients for success. The aim of the game has shifted from scoring points to building the longest prediction streak. Predict an outcome correctly and your prediction streak increases by one, make a mistake and it resets to zero!

How do I play?
Simply activate the game in your club account on Predict the outcome of ONE upcoming match from our daily list of fixtures from all over the world. You can only have one active prediction at any given time. Guess correctly and your prediction streak begins. Build up your prediction streak, one match at a time, as you try to beat other players to the top of the monthly and overall leaderboards. Make a mistake, your streak resets and you start back at zero!

How does the ranking work?
The leaderboard ranking for rounds and seasons will be calculated as follows:

  • The longer your streak, the better your rank on the leaderboard will be.
  • If more than one player finishes a round, or the season, with the same streak, then the player with the highest number of correct predictions wins the tie-breaker.
  • If more than one player finishes level on both of the above criteria, then the player with the best correct/incorrect prediction ratio wins the tie-breaker.
  • If all three of the above criteria are equal, the player with the lowest number of losses wins the tie breaker.

Game starts next month
FIFA Predictor – our completely new prediction game, available to all members of the club – launches on 1 August! Season 1 will run from 1 August to 31 December. The season is split up into monthly rounds. Each round begins on the first day of the month and ends on the last day of that month.

Win a trip to Brazil
It will take a grand effort to win the maiden season of FIFA Predictor and it’s only fitting that we offer a grand reward! The Season 1 overall winner of FIFA Predictor will receive a trip for two to the FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014™! The prize includes airfare, accommodation and tickets to one group-stage match.

Monthly prizes
Prefer a more short-term reward? Every month, the player finishing in first place on the monthly leaderboard wins a customized jersey! The monthly winner will be able to choose a jersey from any available 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™ team and customize it with their name and number of choice. On the first day of the month, all monthly streaks will be reset to 0 and you will have a fresh chance to try to win the round. In contrast, the overall leaderboard will reflect the ongoing top streaks and will not reset until the end of an entire season.

Players will be spoiled for choice as we deliver a daily menu of exciting fixtures from all over the world. Focus all your prediction energies on making quality picks and win your way to Brazil, one match at a time!

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