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Alex Morgan of USA looks on
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"I took the pad, grabbed a pen, and scribbled down my dream. 'I am going to be a professional athlete for soccer! Love always, Ali Cat.' My mom still has that note, by the way."
USA forward Alex Morgan writes in The Players' Tribune about her lifelong dream of becoming a professional footballer

"The team is the best it’s ever been. [Winning the World Cup is] going to be difficult. We’re working super hard, but so are Spain, so are France, Germany and USA. It was nice to have success in the SheBelieves Cup, but that just brings more pressure. I think our girls are ready - and we’re going to give it everything to win that trophy."
England striker Toni Duggan speaks with Goal about The Lionesses' expectations for France 2019

"It simply grew. In the last one or two years, I've begun to hear it more often. My wife mentioned how proud I should be for creating my own [signature move]. It’s very special.”
Arjen Robben on ‘The Robben Move’ – cutting in from the right and shooting with the left foot – becoming a term like ‘The Cruyff Turn’ and ‘Cuauhtemina’

"I shouldn't really say this – not now, definitely not now! – but when I was young I was a massive United fan. I was at the [FA Cup] final in 2007.”
Raheem Sterling, who has spent his career at two of Manchester United’s fiercest enemies, Liverpool and Manchester City, speaks to the Daily Mirror about following the Red Devils as a boy

"I was at my grandparents’ home in my [home] city. Lots of family, friends. I was so nervous. The names kept coming and coming. Finally they started reading out the strikers. One, two, three, four. When I heard the name Neymar as the fifth, I thought that was it. What relief!”
Richarlison, who was unsure if he’d be announced as a midfielder, a striker or overlooked for the Copa America, on being the 23rd and last man named in Tite’s squad

"I've always been into superheroes, medieval times. I'm a huge Marvel fan. I saw 'Avengers: Endgame' the day it came out, I bought my ticket a month before and wore my Captain America shirt to the movies. I like the creativity of it, it's awesome to see dudes with superpowers, I think everyone is drawn to that. I know some people don't like how unrealistic it is, but I like it."
USA midfielder Paxton Pomykal speaks with ESPN about his love for superhero movies and obsession with Game of Thrones ahead of the FIFA U-20 World Cup Poland 2019

"Juve is a great club, it will choose a great coach. Where shall I go? Home. Then I will go out to sea for a bit, it's wonderful. Five years for me is a lot!"
Massimiliano Allegri will not return to coach Juventus next year, but the Italian manager tells 'Striscia La Notizia' that he's optimistic both for his own future and the future of the club

"The signing of Ronaldo was out of a film. There was a problem because PSV backed out of selling him to us, so [Barcelona president] Jose Luis Nunez sent me to Miami to make it happen. There were some bouncers at his door in the hotel and they had orders not to let anyone through. I couldn't beat the two-metre-tall bouncers up because they'd have sent me flying with a single punch, but something occurred to me. I managed to get a hotel waiter to lend me his bow tie and jacket, and he gave me a tray with a Coca-Cola on it. I went up to the floor the team were on in the lift and there were two bouncers there. I told them I had a drink for Ronaldo and I went in. I introduced myself to Ronaldo and he called his agent and told them that he'd been caught. An agreement was sped up. We hugged on the bed in his hotel room and finalised everything."
Joan Gaspart to YouTube channel Idolos on signing Ronaldo for Barcelona

“I'd gone into training the day before with a beanie on, trained in a beanie, walked in the hotel, had a beanie on; had dinner, beanie on; breakfast, beanie on; bus on way to stadium, beanie. Then as I got ready for the game, I took it off. He said, ‘Go and shave it off’. I giggled and he was like, "No, I'm serious. Go and shave it off". So I had to find a pair of clippers and I shaved it off in Wembley Stadium! Manager always rules.”
David Beckham on Sir Alex Ferguson forcing him to shave off his mohawk before the 2000 FA Charity Shield against Chelsea

“I went into the dressing room after training, and everyone was singing my name. I didn’t know what was happening. I was really surprised. Not in my wildest dreams could I have imagined getting called up again. Looks like I’m not going on holiday any longer!”
Santi Cazorla, who turns 35 this year and spent the best part of three seasons out injured before returning to Villarreal in 2018, on his shock Spain recall

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