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FIFA Ballon d'Or nominee Cristiano Ronaldo
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“Bad news is that I lost my phone last night. Good news is that Cristiano Ronaldo found it. Better news is that he took us to dinner last night.”*
Austin Woolstenhulme
on Instagram*

“People think that, because you’re a footballer, you don’t have the right to do things. I like to play the guitar. I like to drink wine. I will drink wine with my friends and my family when I want. You can think whatever you like. Why? Because I have a life. Everyone likes to have an opinion. A lot of people know I’m Daniel Alves, that I played for Brazil and Barcelona, but they don’t know me. They don’t know that I was a waiter, that I did this and that, anything I could to make money."*
Daniel Alves

*"Some of him turned up. However, in the last three games he was poor. He was lazy.”
Antonio Cuccitini on his grandson Lionel Messi at the Copa America

“Happy people with amazing dribbling skills: Denilson, Neymar, Messi and Ronaldo Nazario. They're all guys who play with joy and like to take on their man, and that's what makes football so beautiful. Who is the most skilful in my team? Oh, that's complicated. Each of them is very good and has done important things in football. However, I can say that if it was a foot-volley challenge against me, none of them would win!”
*Ronaldinho on who he would pick to play alongside in his ideal 5-a-side team

“In the year I was coach, I only spent seven days in Haiti because it was not a place you could go. I went to watch one game to look at players and boom, guns were being fired. I took the team to Miami for three months, I took the team to Brazil for two months, I took the team to my hometown in Uruguay. On those trips it was friends of mine who provided everything free for the players – kits, boots, food – they provided everything.”
*Fernando Clavijo on his time in charge of Haiti

"In a game I played in New York with Steve Nash, I scored an overhead kick. I felt like Pele in the film 'Escape to Victory'! It was truly magical.”
**Giuseppe Rossi

“I would never imagine the Final would go as wildly, dramatically, smoothly as it just did for us. Seven goals in the final is a little bit outrageous in my opinion, but the first 16 minutes, it seemed surreal, it seemed fake. I think I died and this is what my heaven looks like.”
Abby Wambach on the Canada 2015 decider

“If we reach the final I will go on foot!”
*Hristo Sakantiev, an 83-year-old who made a 5,000km round trip by bus to watch Bulgarian minnows Beroe play in Lithuania in the UEFA Europa League, jokes (presumably!) on what he will do if the Bulgarian minnows make it to Milan 

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