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A fan takes a selfie (L) as Manager Jose Mourinho of Chelsea (2R) looks across
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"I could take Benitez, but I'd have to take him to see a dietician first. “
*Massimo Ferrero, Sampdoria’s owner, on whether he’d have Rafa Benitez to replace Sinisa Mihajlovic*

“Unbelievable. It's something I've been dreaming about since I was a little kid, to start for the national team, and to score a goal was just amazing, especially against Mexico in front of a sellout crowd. But I won’t go pro now. Honestly, I just love it [at Stanford University]. The soccer, the school, just the atmosphere of being at Stanford is amazing. I realise that it's something I'll never be able to get back [if I leave]. I could go back and finish school in 15-20 years - hopefully after a long career - but this time, when you're the same age as everyone, you have great friends, and playing soccer there is just an experience I'll never get back.”
Jordan Morris on scoring his first goal for USA and why he will not leave Stanford University early to become a professional footballer

“We have to change the catering because many, many times they don’t see the games. Really, I think they stay eating and drinking. Sushi, lobster, champagne of high quality, Cristal – everything! We should give them bread and water."
*Jose Mourinho lashes out at those responsible for monitoring match officials*

“Since the beginning of the season, I’ve received over 2,000 phone calls about Pogba. I received many engagement proposals, but none of them were worthy of marriage! We signed with Juventus for five more years, but we're all gentlemen: if the right offer arrives, we'll take it."
Mina Raiola

“Cristiano is crazy for football. If he could just chose better timing for his parties that would be great! I didn’t go to the last one. I was invited a few days before and mentioned to him that we had the derby against Atletico. I decided not to go as it didn’t feel right at the time. As you know, we lost 4-0.”
Toni Kroos

“That is, for me, Ronaldo’s goal. What I don’t like after is it seems like he won the World Cup.”
*Thierry Henry makes a bizarre assessment of Javier Hernandez’s celebration after his last-gasp winner sent Real Madrid into the UEFA Champions League semi-finals*

"We must avoid kamikaze tactics."
Thomas Muller… before Bayern 6-1 Porto!
“I disagree that Dybala is the new Aguero. He’s the new Messi. He operates all over the pitch like Messi. History shows that he best strikers are South American, especially Argentinians. I don’t know why – perhaps they play on the street as children.”
Maurizio Zamparini, Palermo’s president

"He is one of the biggest talents in Europe. He has skill compared to a young Cristiano Ronaldo. He is very lively, technically unbelievable, very skilful, very fast, he has a great goalscoring record, he can shoot from every distance – he has everything.”
*Ronald de Boer on Memphis Depay*

"I felt he'd lost a bit of his fight. The thing about Wayne was he was always a fighter. He's a technically terrific footballer, can do anything with the ball, but behind it he's a tough boy, a street fighter in his football, and I felt he'd lost a bit of that. Chelsea were close to taking him. I had to fight to make sure he stayed and was at the heart, again, of what Manchester United were going to be moving forward."
*David Moyes on managing Wayne Rooney at Manchester United*

“He’s a man-monster.”
*Josh Saunders on New York City FC team-mate Khiry Shelton*

“When I lifted the World Cup Trophy in Berlin, I could touch the sky. Zidane’s headbutt contributed to our victory – that’s a fact.”
*Marco Materazzi

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