“Yes, I love his music and the man that he was. He was not ‘fabricated’. He was real. I love people who do not have conventional paths and who stand out because of their talent.”
Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger on Bob Marley 

“It’s the kind of story that if we made it up, people wouldn’t believe it. His achievements are incredible and to break the Premier League record with such a sublime goal against the biggest club in football pushed him to the top of our agenda."
Hollywood screenwriter Adrian Butchart on Jamie Vardy’s record breaking strike against Manchester United

“The chairman must be crackers. And, put it this way, I’d have never seen it coming when I was at Stocksbridge.”
Jamie Vardy on hearing the news of his former club’s plans to name a 450-seat stand in his honour 

“We believe we have one of the most competitive leagues in the world. I embrace the fact that two of our smallest markets are in the MLS Cup because it validates this idea that in our world every fan should believe that their team has the chance to win the MLS Cup. It is not a league of haves and have-nots. It’s a league that if you’re smart, you get rewarded. And if you’re not smart, you get penalised. That’s something that I think is empowering to fans and, frankly, should be something that has everybody around the league feeling good about.”
Major League Soccer commissioner Don Garber ahead of the league’s Cup final

“For me, she really is the best player in the world. She’s just phenomenal. There were no airs and graces about her. She came in, got her job done and then went home – came back the next day and did the same thing. She was fit, she was strong, she was technical, she was good in the air – she had everything in my opinion.”
Last year’s FIFA Puskas Award candidate Stephanie Roche on USA No10 Carli Lloyd in an exclusive chat with FIFA.com

"For Barcelona I think so. I would even say in the history of football because to get players together of this level with their individual ability, to get that many goals and support each other in this way, it has never happened on any other team in recent history. I don't know everything about the history of football but I would say yes [they are the best ever]."
Barcelona coach Luis Enrique on Lionel Messi, Neymar and Luis Suarez and their place in history as a top-tier attacking trio

“Think about how much work you and your team-mates have put into this. Don’t let someone else get in the way of your ultimate goal at the last minute. Finally, enjoy the moment! It’s going to be over a lot faster than you think. You never know when you’ll make it back to the Final, if ever. I promise you won’t remember as much as you think. So make a conscious effort to take mental screenshots throughout the experience. It’s OK to smile and be excited. You should be, because I’m sitting at home typing this, and you’re still playing. Remember: Champagne stings.”
USA and Sporting Kansas City centre-back Matt Besler in an open letter to Columbus Crew and Portland Timbers, offering his advice on how to best enjoy the moment at MLS Cup

“He’s a vital player for us. He’s grown an awful lot since he arrived, both on an individual and team level. Some of the things he does sometimes might seem surprising, but the fact is that he’s so talented he makes them seem absolutely normal.”
Barcelona midfielder Andres Iniesta complimented team-mate Neymar in an exclusive chat with FIFA.com

“Sitting on television these last few years talking about coaches, the time has now come for me to stand up. This is a wonderful football club. I am precious about what I take on and what I associate myself with but if I had turned this down I could have said goodbye to my credibility. I have to prove myself, I have to show that people should not think I am a risky appointment. I have to provide the answers on the football pitch.”
Gary Neville on his appointment as Valencia coach

“I think Leo is the clear favourite now, and he deserves it too for everything he’s achieved at Barcelona. There’s no comparison in my book. He has total command of every aspect of the game. He’s the best at everything and he shows that in every match. He deserves this Ballon d’Or.”
Xavi on his former team-mate Messi at Barcelona in an exclusive interview with FIFA.com

“The food, for one! The weather, for two! I lived up in the north of England, the northwest in Manchester for a long time. And you don’t see the sun up there. You go through a lot of things. The biggest difference was that I moved to a country where soccer was the number one thing and the be all and end all to a lot of people’s lives. It is an interesting transition time to take all that in, don’t get a big head, don’t get too down when someone says you’re bad. Keep a level head. It takes some time to adapt to that. That’s the biggest change.”
Former USA goalkeeper Brad Friedel on the challenges he faced when he first moved from America to England in an interview with Sports Illustrated Kids