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Bruce Grobbelaar does his Superman impression at Liverpool’s training ground
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“Just admit it: you love vineyards, don’t you? Don’t you? You love rainbows and ponds and things like that… the morning mist!”
Ned Zelic’s *bizarre reaction to commentary partner Brenton Speed saying “lovely looking night” during Melbourne City-Sydney FC

"Paul is already better than Platini. He scores goals and acts as a playmaker. He can play as central midfielder and in the No10 position. We are talking about a midfielder who is physically strong and tactically aware. He is a modern and complete player. Pogba has the same characteristics as Ibrahimovic. Even if we are living in the era of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, Paul will win the Ballon d'Or more than once."
Mino Raiola on Paul Pogba

"He has broken a record that everyone thought was unbreakable – and one which has stood for 60 years. What he has achieved is astounding. It will take another 600 years before his record is broken."
*Pep Guardiola on Lionel Messi breaking La Liga’s scoring record

"Everything was perfect. Thanks to my goal we were two steps away from qualification. Instead, we conceded a goal that felt like a punch from Tyson."
*Francesco Totti on CSKA Moscow’s 11th-hour equaliser versus Roma’s

Mignolet’s worse than Dracula, because at least Dracula comes out of his coffin now and then. He seems to stay on his line and that’s it.
Bruce Grobbelaar on Simon Mignolet

Ronaldinho was just incredible. I love the fact he enjoys himself when he’s playing. To my mind, he was the best player in the world. You watch the videos and you can see that not even Ronaldo and Neymar can do what he did. Messi’s got the skill and the ball’s glued to his feet, for sure. But Ronaldinho is a fast, skilful player who barely put a foot wrong, and who had that little bit of unpredictability about him, which made all the difference in my eyes. Ronaldinho’s forebears are Pele and Maradona, who both made their mark on the history of the game. But Ronaldinho’s the one who’s made a mark on my life, with his skills and as someone who genuinely plays the game.”
Teddy Riner, the judo legend, to

"This year he has been unbelievable. When he's one on one with the keeper, you don't see him miss the target. The stats speak for themselves. On his day he’s unstoppable. He always delivers in a difficult moment Ronaldo may be on another planet, but he is up there with Messi and Suarez."
*Samir Nasri on Sergio Aguero

“I didn’t realise Sergio did a medicine Masters in the last couple of years.”
*Jose Mourinho hits back at Sergio Ramos after the latter criticised the withdrawals of Cesc Fabregas and Diego Costa from the Spain squad

"It is never nice to lose a record, but the fact that I'm now sharing it with someone of Xavi's calibre makes it a bit less bad. Xavi is a bit like a chess player. He is always two or three steps ahead of everybody else. For me, he is one of the greatest players ever who played.”
*Ryan Giggs

*"He should have won more than two Ballon d'Or awards. Messi is not even half the player that Ronaldo is. Messi has not shown the world what he can do another club, unlike Ronaldo, who has already proven himself at Manchester United."
Carlos Varela

"I have a deep admiration for rugby as a sport. You can’t play rugby without being supportive, generous and brave. Leaders who carry these values arouse my admiration and curiosity to learn from them.”
Marcelo Bielsa**

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