"We sold Elvis and bought the Beatles."
Erik Thorstvedt on his former club Tottenham selling Gareth Bale and making a number of high-profile signings

"You could argue I deserved it, and my wife would say I did, but when I don't get what I want I'm not very nice. The worst thing was reading back what the referee and the linesman wrote. I actually said it and it's not very good. My mum would have washed my mouth out with soap, like she used to when I was little. Although that doesn't work to be fair – I could eat a bar of soap and swear like a trooper, so I don't know what she was trying to achieve! I will challenge anyone and to be my size – I'm 5ft 7in and three-quarters – you have to be competitive. I'd say I was over-competitive and I get over-zealous, over-angry and over-determined. You can make anger a friend of yours when it isn't, it's an enemy. You have to be calm. I have a lot to learn. I have always wished I was more like Bjorn Borg's temperament. He was my hero growing up. I was more like McEnroe. I don't mean ability, I mean temperament."
Ian Holloway after completing his touchline suspension

"Three hours before a game all the players were sitting and eating, and Messi said he wanted a can of coke. Guardiola replied that no player should drink cola three hours before a game. So Messi got up and left, returned a few minutes later with a can of cola, and drank it right in front of Guardiola and the rest of the team. Imagine what would have happened when a player with the profile of Messi goes against the coach in this way? It was a war that was impossible for Guardiola to win.”
Hans Backe

"I watch every single game in the Premier League – [the full] 90 minutes. I take my time to study and to learn other strikers' movements and to learn about other defenders. I want to be one of the best in this league, so you can only learn from the best by watching the best. After training I go home and record every game. I have a satellite and I just watch the games. My aim is to go down as one of the greatest.”
Romelu Lukaku

"I didn’t know very much about Judo before Wednesday night. Now I know a little more about it. Pepe almost took my arm off!”
Carlos Sanchez of Elche following his tangle with the Real Madrid defender

“My favourites to win the World Cup are Brazil. They showed at the Confederations Cup that when the Brazilian players are focused, they’re unbeaten. Neymar is outstanding. He does what he wants on the pitch.”
Diego Maradona

"Comparing Isco to Zidane isn’t ridiculous. He is very close to Zidane in terms of ability, they have a lot of similarities. Zidane is obviously in a better position to judge, and he said Isco isn't there yet but could come close in the future."
Carlo Ancelotti

“It was like one of those moments when time slows down. Everything was going slower than it should have been. I thought, ‘What. is… going… on?’ Then, ‘Can I do it?’ The next thing I remember is running away and knee-sliding in the corner. Then I saw one of our wee youth players and I just grabbed him. After that, I can just remember 60,000 people singing my name and thinking, “**** me! This is it, it’s the most perfect moment of my life! I was thinking that if I could have picked any special moment for my life, that would have been it. I couldn’t have come up with anything better, except maybe if it had happened in a Champions League Final. I felt like crying when I got home and saw my mum and dad both waiting for me in the hallway. My mum was actually crying, she was just so proud of me and what I had done. Then I saw a few of my friends and everyone was just buzzing for me.”
Tony Watt on his late winner for Celtic against Barcelona in the 2012/13 Champions League

"Valdes almost killed me with his eyes!"
Martin Montoya on Victor Valdes’s reaction to a short back-pass against Rayo Vallecano

"I think Gareth is probably the fastest player in the world at the moment, but I will help him with his sprinting if he wants. It is not just about how fast you can accelerate, but also when you have the football at your feet, about balance while you are sprinting as well. I helped Ronaldo with his sprinting in a training session and look what he has go on to achieve since then. I have a lot of respect for Real Madrid and if they and Gareth want my help, I am happy to fly in and take a private training session with Gareth. I hear that he has been clocking speeds close to me, but it is about technique as well. I know I could make him an even better player than he already is."
Usain Bolt

“Neuer is one of the best goalkeepers in history.”
Pep Guardiola