“I’d already done a lot of nice things lying down, but I’d never scored a goal!”
Fred jokes about his opener against Spain

“My passion for football makes me live it very intensively over 11 months and dedicate myself to that, but I think life allows you to enjoy other things. For me, there is a limit, and in the next five to ten years I will quit coaching. To compete in the Dakar Rally is a lifetime ambition for me and something I know I have to do. It went from being a passion to an obligation, a destination of life, but I can only do it when I leave football. And I will do it.”
Andre Villas-Boas

“Every ten messages I receive on my phone, nine are with this photo! It’s already done the rounds in Italy and France. Even my president [at PSG] texted me it! It’s really funny, but I want to make it very clear that it’s not me or David! (laughs) That said they look very much like us. [Lian] even has the same mouth as me!”
Thiago Silva on the photo of two cousins, aged 20 months and three years, who bear a striking resemblance to him and his fellow Brazil centre-back David Luiz 

“Italian football finds itself in a difficult situation. Milan and Inter, instead of competing against each other, should join forces. Lazio and Roma should also merge. They could have one strong club instead of two weak ones.”
Mino Raiola

"I named my dog 'Messi' because Messi is the best in the world, and so is my dog. I won't change his name to Cristiano – he wouldn’t listen to it anyway.”

“Spain’s only desire is to go out and play football. They keep passing it around, but we got it forward quicker and shot more. I think the Brazil team of ’82 had more complete players than Del Bosque’s team have.”

“My ideal trident would be me with Rooney and Messi. They are the players who make me dream, not Ronaldo.”
Carlos Tevez

“Navas is a very special player. He is going to cause Premier League defences a real problem. Jesus has so much speed, and his feet are so quick, that it becomes nearly impossible to stop him without fouling him. The only player that I can compare him with in England is Gareth Bale.”
Andres Iniesta

“It's disgraceful. If you have an IQ of 50, you can figure that out. I'm absolutely embarrassed at that performance.”
Bruce Arena on his Los Angeles Galaxy side throwing away a two-goal cushion and losing 3-2 to ten-man San Jose Earthquakes

"I miss English football. For me I had one of the best years of my career at Manchester United. Everyone knows it’s a club that is still in my heart and I really, really miss it.”
Cristiano Ronaldo

"Thiago Silva is not for sale. If I’m offered €40m, I’ll say no. €80m, no. €500m, I’ll repeat no. And if I’m offered €1,000, I’ll say not yet. I would not even sell Thiago Silva for all the gold on the planet.”
Nasser Al-Khelaifi, Paris Saint-Germain president

“What we witnessed yesterday was something that I have never witnessed. The Maracana has something very exceptional. The fans were extraordinary in the stadium yesterday. I can still feel [the atmosphere] in the stadium today. This was one big part of this success it was an extraordinary competition. We will have an absolutely outstanding World Cup next year.”
FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter