The and FIFA TV Video of the Week features a street football project in England, which aims to give young people the chance of a path into the world of work via the game.

England ranks as one of the most developed nations in the world, but even here, youth unemployment remains a stubborn and persistent problem. Street League aims to help by organising teams and competitive fixtures, providing a focus and structured activity for boys and girls, and opening up new horizons.

The primary goal in this case is not to hone footballing skills or develop playing ability, but to provide a path into work. The sporting dimension of the project acts as the foundation for educational advice and vocational training, aimed at helping the youths achieve better grades at school and enhancing their CVs.

Our video examines how the organisation assists its members, and how it in turn is supported and endorsed by stars of the English game, who share Street League’s vision of ending structural youth unemployment in the UK.

FIFA with Football for Hope has been supporting Street League since 2007. In 2009, Street League was represented at the FFH Forum and, a year later, it came to the fore again at Festival in South Africa. The project will also feature in the 2013 forum in Belo Horizonte.