"I bet my arse that Bayern will be calling up Guardiola for advice."
Jurgen Klopp

"Klopp's arse will end up in Bayern’s museum. He should have bet his hair transplant – it would be easier to transport than his arse."
Karl-Heinz Rummenigge

"I never understood a word Alex Ferguson was saying. One day I walked into the changing room and he was staring at me. He motioned at me to cut my hair, so I did so later that day. In training the next day he didn’t recognise me. I went past him several times and he didn’t have a clue who I was.”
Bebe, who is on loan at Rio Ave, on his time so far at Manchester United

“I’m not a Beckham fan, I’m more a Leo Messi fan. He isn’t handsome, but he has an interesting gaze and is very charismatic. The only reason I would give up politics would be if Leo Messi asked me to marry him.”
Rachida Dati, French member of the European Parliament

"Football is obsessed with tactics. The tactical side of the game has become more important than the technical side. Coaches think about their tactics first and only then begin to consider the players they have. Most coaches care more about results than about the style of play. Guardiola is the great revolutionary of his time. With Pep, it's about the love for the game, the style of play and the players themselves."
Jorge Valdano

"I did [cry]. To see my dad and my son here today, these are one-offs. You probably won't be able to recreate this or get better than this, so I wanted to soak it up and enjoy every second of it. We're going to be in the Premier League. What this is going to do next year to the club, to the city, it's just going to be phenomenal. It's just immense."
Craig Bellamy following Cardiff City's promotion

"He is a better player now than I was at the same age. I think that he has a great career ahead of him. I believe he can be the next great midfielder for France. He is always calm and very good technically. He has a better shot than I had and will score a lot more goals. He's already making an impact at Juventus. When I was his age, I played five games for Milan in an entire season."
Patrick Vieira on Paul Pogba

"He is a bull, a force of nature. He helps the team defensively as much as he does offensively. He helped me in my initial stage an immense amount, in terms of positioning for example. He is a strong personality as well, just like Philipp Lahm."
Javi Martinez on Bastian Schweinsteiger

"I believe that Cristiano Ronaldo – and not Messi – will win the FIFA Ballon d'Or if Real Madrid win the Champions League this season. Cristiano is probably even more complete than Messi because of his incredible dynamics. A shot from 45 yards out is like a rocket with him. He might seem arrogant to the public, but I got to know him as a real friend. His life is all about football. He's not interested in visiting clubs and bars."
Christoph Metzelder