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Liverpool's Dietmar Hamann holds off AC Milan's Kaka during the 2005 UEFA Champions League final
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"It's hard to put into words. The most memorable thing was when we came back the next day: there were a million people in the streets of Liverpool, in Everton shirts, in Liverpool shirts, just welcoming us home, people from six months to 100 years old, grown-up people crying in the streets. It was just a very touching and emotional moment because if you experience moments like this once, with a club of that history, it will stay with you forever."
*Didi Hamann on Liverpool’s UEFA Champions League final triumph in 2005

‘‘In Italy we only talk about two things: politics and Mario Balotelli!
*Mino Raiola

*"Mark Bosnich was a terrible professional. We played down at Wimbledon and Bosnich was tucking into everything: sandwiches, soups, steaks. He was going through the menu. I told him, 'For Christ's sake, Mark, we've got the weight off you. Why are you tucking into all that stuff?' We arrived back in Manchester and Mark was on [his] mobile phone to a Chinese restaurant to order a takeaway. Is there no end to you? I just couldn't make an impact on him."
Sir Alex Ferguson in his new book

“He performs very well down the left and has a good shot, but I played down the right wing, as a striker and even on the left wing. I didn’t have a position. When he moves in from the left, he has big problems. I was way more talented than him.”
*Renato Gaucho compares himself to Cristiano Ronaldo

"I had never heard of Sheriff Tiraspol before – I thought they were from Northern Ireland! I only found out 20 minutes before we landed. I got told it was a country within Moldova. That was a new one for me, but it has improved my geography! I am very pleased to be here. I can tell my grandchildren that I played in a part of Moldova that isn't Moldova."
*Lewis Holtby on Tottenham’s visit to Tiraspol, which is a self-announced breakaway state

"You don't want to go through something like this in front of 80,000 people. You have the ball in your hands and are ready to take a spot-kick, full of confidence, and then your coach steps up like a schoolteacher telling you to give it to Muller. That's very bitter for any player and a bad situation to be in. You have to explain these kinds of decisions as a coach. You're obliged to do that. You cannot just say, 'I'm the coach and I make the decisions.'"
*Stefan Effenberg criticising Pep Guardiola ordering Arjen Robben, who was preparing to take a penalty, to hand the responsibility to Thomas Muller

"Watch out, an alien has invaded the pitch during Anderlecht-PSG!! #Ibrahimovic"
**Michael Youn, the French actor, tweets about Zlatan’s four-goal wonder show

"I think Andros can be our new Gareth Bale. He has so much pace and technique and skills, and he can do it with both feet. Can he reach the same level as Bale? Maybe one day, if he keeps working – and he will. In two or three years I think he can be on that level."
*Jan Vertonghen on Andros Townsend

“I hope Del Piero recovers from injury in time. He’s not running a lot, so there would be more holes for us to go through. He doesn’t contribute defensively, so I think it would be better for us if he plays."
**Jerome Polenz of Western Sydney Wanderers ahead of their game against Sydney FC

"I love living in Madrid. People here are like Italians – they are positive. The French are more negative."
*Carlo Ancelotti

*"I remember having conversations with the manager when I was at the club about loyalty. I don't think he knows the meaning of the word. It doesn't bother me too much what he has to say about me, but to constantly criticise other players at the club who brought him a lot of success, I find very, very strange. I just don't think the manager needs to do it. I don't know how many books he's written now but you have to draw the line eventually, to say, ‘Listen, these players have all been top servants to Man United and a lot of these players helped the manager win lots of trophies’. Can you imagine if we never won a trophy what he would have said? We brought success to the club, we gave it everything we had when we were there.”
Roy Keane on Sir Alex Ferguson’s criticism of his former Manchester United players

"I don’t have a status in the French team, I'm just a player. Whether I have the armband or not, I do my role as captain. I'm like that. You can't stop me from saying what I think, but there is one boss – Didier Deschamps. There are some people, some commentators, they want to lie to the people of France, saying Evra is unloved, arrogant. That’s not true. When I meet people in the street they are super friendly. I do not know what Lizarazu has against me. He was never voted the best fullback in the world like I was. With France, he did not shake my hand when I arrived, but he's like that. It doesn’t affect me at all, but the problem is that it can affect my family. These bums should stop lying to France. They are parasites. We were children in Knysna [at South Africa 2010], but when will they stop talking about it?
*Patrice Evra

"This is appalling. In response, yes, I was voted the best left-back in the world and my CV spoke for itself. But that’s not important. He said that I did not shake his hand when he arrived in French squad. I don’t ever remember crossing him. When I stopped playing international football, he started. The timing of his outburst is very bad – we have a World Cup play-off in a month. Honestly, it’s ridiculous. We already lost him in South Africa and now we lose him again.”
Bixente Lizarazu responds to Evra

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