"I would prefer my daughter to get pregnant than for us to get relegated."
Pepe Mel, Real Betis coach 

“Will I stay on as Inter coach? It depends – my 12 agents have to negotiate my salary.”
Andrea Stramaccioni

"I love Mancini. He's nearly as cool as me."
Liam Gallagher, the former Oasis frontman and Manchester City fan

"I think Neymar is now the best player in world football. Messi is fantastic, but when he plays badly, he plays very badly. But when Neymar plays badly, he still manages to be a seven out of ten. He can have a reasonable influence on the game even when he is performing at his minimum level, which is a very positive advantage Neymar has.”

"If my name was Diamantinho or Diamantinic, my price tag would be €40m. In Italy, clubs have no problem splashing the cash on foreigners, but they are much tighter when it comes to signing Italian players. These jokes, which is exactly what these valuations of foreigners are, are unbelievable.”
Alessandro Diamanti

"Lewandowski's game is solely focused on trying to score himself rather than playing together with his team-mates. He never looks for players in better positions. That's why I hardly ever get the ball from him. He has scored 20 times this season and I have 13 goals to my name. But the difference is that he plays for himself and doesn’t co-operate with his team-mates.”
Shinji Kagawa on Borussia Dortmund team-mate Robert Lewandowski

"There is no point in being robots. You have to feel that vibe, and we felt it from our fans. You have to ride on that wave and enjoy it.”
Joe Hart on the Manchester City supporters during the Manchester derby

“The French election is a bit like watching a dirty football game with vicious tackles, insults and shirts being pulled – and you know that no goals will ever be scored!”
Louis Saha on Twitter

“We have never seen a better foreigner than Raul in the history of the Bundesliga. Even if you compare him to players like Robben and Ribery, he's on another level. He is one of the few players who is aware of everything that's happening around him. That's why he doesn't really need pace, because he's always one step ahead of his opponent.”
Felix Magath

“I'm like a fine wine: the older I get, the better I get.”
Zlatan Ibrahimovic

“Neymar is, without a doubt, already much better than Cristiano Ronaldo. But he’s not yet better than Messi, who I admire a lot.”
Luis Fabiano