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Sitting pretty in sombreros

Pele poses with three Mexican models in sombreros in 1961
© Getty Images

The saying goes that every picture tells a story and each Monday will set out to prove just that. On a weekly basis we will select an image from our vast archive of photos documenting the history of the beautiful game to highlight its interesting nature, unusual scenario or ability to catch the eye. Read more below to discover further details about what you can see above, and click the links on the right hand side to enjoy previous editions of this series.

Beauty is something commonly associated with Pele. The legendary forward was responsible for extreme beauty on football pitches, while he Christened Brazil’s 1970 FIFA World Cup Mexico™ winners as ‘The Beautiful Team’ and the sport as ‘The Beautiful Game’.

Beauty is also associated with Pele in the above photo – or beauties, to be precise! Indeed the iconic No10 was pictured with three Mexican models, all wearing eye-catching sombreros, in Guadalajara.

This was not, however, on Pele’s most heralded visit to Mexico, when, as a 29-year-old, he helped Brazil conquer the world in such exhilarating fashion in 1970 – as his fresh face indicates. It was, in fact, nine years earlier when Santos and compatriots America-RJ competed in a five-team tournament along with Guadalajara, Club America and Atlas.

O Peixe were in the midst of a monopoly – in each of the following two years they became Brazilian, South American and world champions – so it came as no surprise that they swept to the trophy in style, scoring 17 goals in their four games (4.25 per match).

What did come as a surprise is that the Chivas fans cheered Pele’s every action – including two goals, a nutmeg and an electrifying body swerve - as he helped inflict a 6-2 thumping upon their side.

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