"I remember that whenever the ball came to his feet he seemed to be having an argument with it."
Gary Neville, while commentating on the Ajax-Manchester City match, responds to being asked by Martin Tyler what he remembered about playing against Ryan Babel
“Usually I like to take a shower just before a match. I feel more active, more normal, with a little perfume on. I usually stay smelling nice until after the game!”

“There is no conflict between two stars.Because I am one of the best players in the world, and Song is not even among the best players in Cameroon.”
Samuel Eto’o responds to being asked if there was still unrest between the Indomitable Lions’ two major “stars” (he and Alex Song)

"Neymar is the most creative player in the world. He is unique. Cristiano has power, Messi has ability, but Neymar will beat you ten times in ten different ways – in the most imaginative and effective ways.”
Jorge Valdano on who is the best footballer on the planet

“Napoleon said that to win battles you need good soldiers and good luck. Didier always had that. So much so that I wonder if he fell on to a clam when he was born!”
Michel Platini on Didier Deschamps

"If you want an example of how a centre-half should play – where you have to head it, kick it, get in the right position, and then have the calmness to play – then that's your example. I come from a famous football club in West Ham and it was like watching Bobby Moore today. He was absolutely phenomenal.”
Alan Pardew on Fabricio Coloccini following Newcastle United’s 1-1 draw with arch-rivals Sunderland

"Real Madrid are not Real Madrid's problem. Their problem is that Barcelona are around, and that Barcelona have some spectacular players.”
Jose Camacho
“He was in the choir for a few years when he was young. He is still doing degrees in marketing and sports science. And if you listen to his interviews,he knows about the opposition, he knows statistics. He goes into games full of information.”
David Alonso Mata on his cousin Juan being a footballer with brains – both on and off the pitch

“I stopped playing with Real Madrid on FIFA 2013 last week. It will be great to see them at the stadium and not on the Playstation!”
Sven Bender ahead of Borussia Dortmund’s game against Real Madrid

"Playing is the biggest thing there is. It is such a great life. I would urge anyone to cherish every moment. Life is better now, but in a different way. I have more time with my family. There is not as much travelling. But nothing can replicate the thrill of making a great save at an away ground, or hearing your own fans cheering you, or the atmosphere when you score a goal or win a big game."
Edwin van der Sar

“I said to myself, ‘You must score a goal’. That’s because I’ve seen so many proven strikers come in and not perform that I was afraid I wouldn’t be up to the test. But I never imagined I’d score three! “When I got to the hotel [afterwards] I just started weeping, and the same thing happened once I got back home. I just needed to get it all out my system. I was thinking about all the sacrifices me and my family had made. I was so happy that I barely slept!”
Carlos Saucedo to FIFA.com on his international debut at the age of 33 – he scored a hat-trick to inspire Bolivia to a 4-1 win over Uruguay earlier this month

“There is a very Italian mentality here at Montreal Impact – the level is very high physically and they are real animals on the pitch.”
Alessandro Nesta

"£25m. Wanyama has the world at his feet. But his feet are here and they won't be going anywhere unless we sayso."
Neil Lennon responds to being asked how much his Celtic midfielder Victor Wanyama is worth

“Mbaye Niang has great qualities, but off the field he is an immense disaster.”
Didier Deschamps