“With all the stones being thrown against me you could build a monument!”
Jose Mourinho

“I find it embarrassing when people compare me to Maradona. How can they? There is only one Maradona. People who say this just have no idea, they don’t know what they are talking about. Diego was a complete one-off who will never have an equal on the football pitch. No-one, I repeat no-one, could have transformed teams like he did. Maradona was the world’s greatest-ever player while I’m just an apprentice.”
Sergio Aguero

“He is the best Brazilian player of today. What he did on Wednesday (in the South American Super Cup against Independiente), that beautiful goal from the flank, and then the celebratory punch, MMA style, it killed me with pride. When he picks up the ball, he goes forward, like I do. I did not step back in my fight (a knockout victory over Brendan Schaub at UFC Rio). For me, I’m proud to say that I fought like he plays.”
Antonio Rodrigo ‘Minotauro’ Nogueira, mixed martial arts legend, on Internacional striker Leandro Damiao

“I love playing for my country. I see it as the biggest privilege of my career, so there's no way I'm going to volunteer to give that up. I want to go on for as long as I can. I've got 68 caps and I'd love to think I could get 100. I know there are some players who reach their 30s and announce their international retirement. I totally understand and respect their decisions. We are away a lot and for long spells. But although it's hard, we're doing one of the most privileged jobs in the world.”
John Terry

“Our junior national teams feature increasing numbers of kids from immigrant backgrounds, but who have grown up in Germany. Their roots are elsewhere, but they feel German. They draw on two cultures, and I believe that's been a real and visible factor in the football we've been playing. One of the best and abiding images was Cacau, a Christian with Brazilian roots, celebrating a goal with Mesut Ozil, a Muslim from a Turkish background. Ozil jumped on to Cacau's shoulders, and they gazed up into the stands, both wearing Germany shirts. It was wonderfully symbolic.”
Oliver Bierhoff to FIFA.com
“We were coming off defeat in a derby, which is very difficult [to take]. We needed to win. When you are down to nine men, it’s all about soul. The team soiled their shorts and dragged their bums off the floor. Vibration and fight are the hallmarks of this side.”
Tite after his Corinthians side responded to two successive losses by beating Gremio 3-2

“For me, Brett Emerton is the heart and soul of the Australian team. Him signing for Sydney FC, it has to be the biggest catch in the history of Australian football. He's a machine and he's probably the best pro I've ever trained and worked with.”
Tim Cahill

“I said, 'I prefer you as player than a writer'. I respect all people. You respect me, I respect you. There are different rules - you are the player, I am the manager. I told him this.”
Fabio Capello on what he told Theo Walcott after the 22-year-old criticised him in a book

“There are better and more competitive leagues than ours. We have had a major drop in quality.”
Andrea Pirlo on Serie A

“It is definitely the worst day for Arsene Wenger in charge, and it is even the worst day for a long time in Arsenal’s history. Since I started there in 1984, I cannot remember much worse than what we have seen here. It was shocking, just shocking. You have got to start looking at the manager now and asking questions. What is he thinking? I’m not joking, but a League Two side could come here and make it much more difficult for United than that.”
Paul Merson on Arsenal’s 8-2 defeat by Manchester United

“Manuel Neuer, who is capable of some fantastic saves, has enormous potential, but the actual best [goalkeeper] last season was Roman Weidenfeller. He has been the best for the last 18 months.”
Jens Lehmann on who should be Germany’s first-choice goalkeeper

“I value [Bert van Marwijk’s] opinion. I asked the coach what he thought of the idea of me playing in Turkey. He said I would be out of the view of the scouts. He told me to go to England, but Italy was good too. Sneijder told me that I’d really like it over here. He’s really enthusiastic about life in Italy, but he also spoke well about Juventus as a club.”
Eljero Elia

“Although I feel I improved in pre-season, I am still the same player and the same guy. Just because I am playing in United's first team, that doesn't all of a sudden make me a great footballer. In my head I am still the same footballer who was sent out on loan to Wigan last year.”
Tom Cleverley

“I need a book recommendation. I want to get back into reading and need a book that will keep me on my toes. Something I won't want to put down.”
USA forward Charlie Davies on Twitter

“We don't feel it is just a possibility, it is an obligation for Venezuela to reach the World Cup.”
Cesar Farias 

“Why did I chose Juve over Bayern? Because Juventus is an institution, the maximum for any player. I have found players like Alessandro Del Piero, Gianluigi Buffon and Andrea Pirlo. They are all phenomenons who are helping me greatly. Bayern also have great players, but Juventus are Juventus.”
Arturo Vidal