"Santos is my team and he started there with us. I hope he stays there until more or less the 2014 World Cup, but it will be difficult to keep him here. He is a good player, there's no doubt. He will be like a Kaka, a Messi - of that there is no doubt. Or a Ronaldo, a Zico, a Pele. He is an excellent player."
Pele lauds Neymar

“I still can't believe it. I have been the manager or coach of teams playing against him many times and know what a big presence he had. For him, we in the Japanese soccer world have to raise our level. May his soul rest in peace.”
Japan Football Association technical director Hiromi Hara on the tragic passing of Naoki Matsuda, 34

"Sanchez could be useful to help open spaces on the pitch and he will help to give Messi some breathing space. I think Alexis will bring plenty to Barcelona. We have Messi and Pedro, but Alexis is distinctive. He is fast, is good one-on-one and he also helps to defend."
Gerard Pique on Alexis Sanchez’s likely impact at Barcelona

"I didn't want to come back like any other ex-player. I wanted to come back with a special club. We have a lot of things to do. We want to do them well. We want to win things and build things. We want to work on the long term and try to be one of the best teams in the USA and maybe help, through our young talent, the national team to win the World Cup just as Barcelona helped Spain last year. I know all clubs want young players. But we are special, and better than the others."
Eric Cantona on his project at New York Cosmos

"The club explained to me their plans and the challenge seduced me immediately. I want to do my bit for what is a great club with a great history. To win the league and the cup (are the objectives), I want the team to win everything."
Javier Pastore explains his decision to move to Paris Saint Germain

“My dad was a ruthless finisher, and I admire him a lot. I work hard to be like him, and perhaps to even one day surpass what he achieved. My dad won a few trophies, but he never got close to a world title, and now here I am fighting for that very thing... I want to win it for him.”
Colombia U-20 star Jose Valencia talks to FIFA.com about surpassing his legendary father, Adolfo

“They are such a huge part of the population here and they love the game I mean they're all soccer freaks. I think that the appointment of Claudio Reyna as the technical director of youth development, this is the first signal we want to dig into the Latin community. We want to get those kids, we don't want them to go back to their home countries, we want them to become real American players.”
Jurgen Klinsmann on targeting USA’s pool of Latin American talent

"I have no regrets. People may think it was the wrong decision for me to move over to America but I am fully confident with the decision I made... I was successful at Real Madrid and I needed a new challenge, and I have enjoyed that challenge."
David Beckham assesses his move to LA Galaxy

“Life has a different structure to that in Germany. On average I sleep two hours less at night because that's the Spanish way of life. I have an afternoon nap, which is very welcome too. Basically it's a lot more relaxed, calm and easy-going. You can tell that the Spanish like to enjoy life and start every new day afresh.”
Sami Khedira tells FIFA.com about the differences between life in Germany and Spain

"Atletico Madrid has sent me an official proposal. It is a good possibility. However, the decision is not only mine, it's also Wolfsburg's"
Wolfsburg's Diego tweets about a potential next move

“This is a not a dramatic draw for us. We’ve drawn the big one, the world champions, and we have to deal with it... The next World Cup is a long time away and although Spain is dominating Europe at the moment, that can change.”
France coach Laurent Blanc on being paired with Spain in the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ Preliminary Draw

"I told Lavezzi's agent that I want to take him with me on my boat so that I can brainwash him. We have to try and make him understand that if he wants to remain with Napoli then he will have to behave like a Neapolitan, not an Argentine.”
Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis on the techniques he’ll employ to keep Ezequiel Lavezzi

"Everybody knows that I like Barça. This team plays in a fantastic way, always together, very collective, and has a lot of creativity".
US basketball star Kobe Bryant on his football allegiances

"He is not a normal keeper. The players in front of him always had the thought: we still have Edwin. He has got so much talent and a strong character. Maybe he is the best goalkeeper United ever had, but we also had [Peter] Schmeichel. But Van der Sar is unique."
Sir Bobby Charlton on Edwin van der Sar

"The qualities that stood out for us are his great composure and use of the ball. He is quick and agile, which is something we banked on. When we assessed him I thought he was the right goalkeeper to take."
Sir Alex Ferguson on Van der Sar’s successor, David De Gea

"Andre is a modern manager. The thing that impresses me, he understands the players. He's not old school. I've been speaking to a couple of the other lads at Villa and Blackburn. They're on double sessions and they're busting their guts basically every day. Whereas I think football has moved on a bit from a few years back, and he certainly understands that."
John Terry on his new Chelsea manager, Andre Villas-Boas

“When you’re a little boy, your main goal is to play in your country’s top league. On the other hand, there are certain opportunities that help you to grow and develop more quickly. You need to grab those chances with both hands, as you don’t know if they’ll come around again. If it’s Barça, you don’t even think about it – you head to the airport and wait for your flight.”
Argentina U-20 keeper Esteban Andrada on leaving for Barcelona without having played a top flight game for Lanus

"He's a great signing. With him, the Bianconeri can get back to winning ways. He's a great player, one of the best five or six strikers in the world."
Dejan Savicevic backs fellow Montenegrin Mirko Vucinic to succeed at Juventus