“Football is not a job for me - it is a passion! I can’t live without it. I live in a small town in Switzerland with my wife, and I will sneak out on a Sunday morning and watch any football, even U-12s, it doesn’t matter. I watch all the time on TV - I can’t control myself! I have a lot of energy and football is my purest passion, a tremendous passion.”
Otto Pfister to FIFA.com after assuming the Trinidad and Tobago reins

“I marked [Adem] Ljajic in training the other day and gave him two or three hammer blows to make him understand that nobody has ever died through tough marking.”
Sinisa Mihajlovic

“One time they asked Rinus Michels how he made that team, and he said that he has five players with an above average IQ. I think I have that. I want to see spectacular [football]. I want to walk to the tunnel feeling that I’m about to be entertained.”
Falcao after becoming Internacional coach

"On the pitch I feel like I'm a little bit of a rebel, someone who is always going to do something perhaps slightly mad. I really hate losing. I even want to win when I’m playing games with [my wife].”
Luis Suarez

“Ronaldo can do much more for Madrid than Messi can for Barcelona. Madrid really depend on Ronaldo to perform well, while Barcelona are so much more than Messi.”
Roberto Carlos

“I have a prediction: on 7 July, I don’t know which year, I could become Roma coach.”
Carlo Ancelotti

“I remember being in the tunnel and seeing fireworks going off. I had Landon Donovan next to me and David Beckham just in front of him. I’d never seen these two guys in person, so I was kind of star-struck with my head turned and my mouth open. One of my team-mates hit me on the back of the head and said, 'focus, kid’, so I had to shake it off and walk on the field. It was super nerve-racking.”
Shea Salinas recalls his MLS debut for San Jose Earthquakes against Los Angeles Galaxy in 2008

“Raul is Mr Champions League. He hasn’t even finished his first season yet and he is already an icon in Gelsenkirchen.”
Christoph Metzelder

“The Scudetto in Napoli's shirt would be more beautiful [to me] than my brother winning the World Cup. It would have a different meaning because the Neapolitans wouldn't forget it.”
Paolo Cannavaro

“For me, joining Madrid was a new stage. I joined them to earn more in every way – prestige, titles and money – and I got them.”
Luis Figo

“It's great to see United play, especially Chicharito, and I can't wait to come to a match."
Enrique Iglesias

"Ranocchia is my heir on the Italian [national team]. But Thiago Silva is the best defender in the world. There is nobody like him."
Alessandro Nesta

“We are not a supermarket.”
Giampaolo Pozzo, Udinese’s owner, on interest in his players