"Honestly, I think I'm the best [English midfielder]. Jack Wilshere isn't bad, but Frank Lampard's on the way down and Steven Gerrard's been injured a lot. Did you see the game against Germany at the World Cup? If you watch the fourth goal, when Ozil was up against Barry, it was like the hare and the tortoise. Barry's discreet and always agrees with the manager. He's like the guy who sits in the front row and listens to the teacher. I certainly don't lose any sleep when I play against him."
Joey Barton

“It was hilarious because, despite our age, we become children again when in these situations. I had great fun! I was a peace-maker, embracing and pulling away first Lotito, then De Laurentiis, who stayed outside with me. In my view there were two bottles of red wine extra [drunk] on each side. All our brains were a little fuzzy.”
Maurizio Zamparini on the punch-up between respective Lazio and Napoli presidents Claudio Lotito and Aurelio De Laurentiis.

“I was such a good player on the ball, [better] than even Lionel Messi. I could do many things with the ball that he cannot do now. I watch him play regularly and hear people saying he is the best footballer of all time, but I disagree and hope most people who watched me will also say the same [about me]. We tend to hype footballers too much nowadays, and I can tell you if we had got this kind of hype during our time then Messi would have been nowhere near me.”
Mohammed Ahmed, former Ghana international

"Nani's my player of the year. I've gone on about Samir Nasri and Gareth Bale in the last few months, but Nani beats them both. He's been involved in a crazy number of our goals this season - it's ridiculous. He's easily been our most productive player, without a doubt. When we've needed that little bit of magic, Nani's been the man to step up. He's the kind of player who gets me off my seat.”
Rio Ferdinand

“I think Messi’s more direct. Even 4-0 up he’ll keep playing the same way. He doesn’t have that Brazilian tendency to showboat, just for fun. Even Cristiano [Ronaldo], when 4-0 up, will keep going at goal. But there was a spell when [Ronaldinho] Gaúcho was so difficult to stop, even more so because he was so strong. I think he’s the best player I’ve played with. He was so unpredictable.”
Deco on the best player he’s played alongside

"I would have dropped dead. I have considered what it would have been like and I think I would have terminated my contract and gone home to Peru. I would have rather moved earth and stones back there than play under Magath."
Jefferson Farfan on how he would have felt, assuming his move to Wolfsburg gone through in January, following the club’s appointment of his former Schalke coach Felix Magath

“Everyone is always saying that to me, and the worst thing is it’s true! Those guys are monsters. But what can I do? I just need to keep playing my football for Manchester United and who knows, maybe I’ll be able to overtake at least one of those two.”
Rafael to FIFA.com on how difficult it will be to establish himself in the Brazil squad ahead of Maicon or Daniel Alves

“We are the wolves chasing our prey. The ones who should be worried are ahead of us.”
Giuseppe Iachini, coach of second-bottom Brescia

“I spoke with him before the derby and he told me he’d be watching it on television. He also admitted he’d be supporting Milan and said he hoped to sign for us. Milan can’t let Ganso get away, because he’s a great player. The next time I go to Brazil I might bring him back here in my suitcase!”
Thiago Silva on Santos ace Ganso, a target for both Milan giants

"I don't mean to be disrespectful, but I don't know him. I don't think he'll be available for Monday, will he?”
Kenny Dalglish reacting to news NBA mega-star LeBron James has bought a stake in Liverpool

“I’ve never liked English football. In Europe everybody goes mad for [it], possibly because it’s the most competitive, but I don’t enjoy it. “
Mauro Camoranesi to FIFA.com

“Rio is wonderful. A Carioca is a happy person who knows how to live. He’s the guy who’s swamped with problems but always laughing, who’s pleased with life. In five minutes he’s your friend.”

“A lot of teams who play Barcelona are faced with a boa constrictor, which devours its rival.”
Dmytro Chygrynskiy