"It would be very difficult for a footballer to be a running back in the NFL as the physical attributes are totally different, it's a lot of pressure on the body. However, with Walcott's speed he could be a contender."
Marvin Allen, formerly of the Pittsburgh Steelers

“Udinese are doing very well with a 3-5-2, which I have recommended to my coach, but I am taken for a madman. Sometimes it's impossible to have a conversation with coaches who think they have invented football.”
Maurizio Zamparini, Palermo president

"He has looked great in training. He is so slim and so fit, he is a fanatical trainer. He works in the morning and the afternoon in the gym. He just loves playing football. He could be at home now sitting around the pool. I am sure he has a decent enough semi in Los Angeles, but he is over here wanting to play football. Most footballers would want to be in Los Angeles. But that is what has made him what he is. He wants to keep playing and he is a mega rich man. He just loves the game. I love him, I love the way he plays. He is a top-class bloke. You would love to have him at your club."
Harry Redknapp on David Beckham

“When (coach) Geninho told me to go up for the corner, I didn’t really understand at first. I was a bit hesitant but he was screaming, ‘get up there quickly’, and the whole crowd starting urging me. It was a great feeling to score. I was so thrilled that I only got to sleep at 4:30 in the morning. It’s difficult to know that, after such a wonderful day, I’ll be out for five or six months.”
Saulo, Sport’s goalkeeper, on scoring a last-gasp winner against Vitoria-PE and injuring himself during the subsequent celebration.

“During the warm-up before Inter-Palermo, I was talking to my muscles. I told them: 'Cursed things, don't play any jokes on me today, ok?'”
Julio Cesar on making his return from a muscle strain

"Best English right-back in the [history of the] Premier League? Certainly. I respect what he has done a lot because he was certainly not one of the most talented players in the league. His record is down to intelligence and motivation - he is an example to players who are maybe less gifted than the Ryan Giggses or David Beckhams."
Arsene Wenger on Gary Neville

“The coach has managed to assemble a group of players with some very special characteristics, who’ve adapted and gelled perfectly. I think we have what it takes to define an era.”
David Villa to FIFA.com on Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona

"He is my player of the season so far. He is a fantastic player. He is a big explosion, physically. But he is also so good technically. Every pass, every cross, every time he is dangerous. He is so dangerous for opponents because he runs so fast with the ball."
Fabio Capello on Gareth Bale

“It may seem strange that I was signed for €11m and sold for €300,000, but in Germany this happens a lot.”
Andrea Barzagli after joining Juventus from Wolfsburg

“The acquisition of Ibrahimovic was spot on. He wins so many points and is the perfect player. And Cassano's arrival promises extra power to gain a further grip on the Scudetto. Cassano scores goals and makes them. He is a particular talent. I think he and Ibra make a perfect couple.”
Maurizio Ganz

"I would never go to any other job or anything like that - no chance. Once I'm finished at United I'll be heading for the hills and the sunset.”
Sir Alex Ferguson

"At the moment he is the best thing in Brazilian football. He is fast, smart and scores goals - a pure talent. Do you want a prediction? He will win the [FIFA] Ballon d'Or.”
Robinho on Neymar

“I should not have done it on the pitch. It looks aggressive and that is not good. I am an emotional player, but I have got to be able to control myself. We are role models.”
Arjen Robben on grabbing Bayern team-mate Thomas Muller by the throat

“Scottish people are desperate to be involved again, and I think that a lot of other people from around the world would like to see it happen, especially given what our fans bring to these tournaments. Personally, I can only say that stepping out against Sweden at the 1990 World Cup was one of the proudest moments of my life. It was an amazing feeling, and the challenge for me is to get Scotland back there as a manager.”
Craig Levein to FIFA.com on his eagerness to lead Scotland to the FIFA World Cup™

“The atmosphere that’s whipped up in our stadium on matchdays is breathtaking, and in my view it’s incomparable. What our fans do is incredibly exciting. It makes us run twice as hard.”
Lucas Barrios to FIFA.com on playing in front of the Borussia Dortmund supporters

“It was impossible to predict a day like this. It feels like a dream. This has been an extraordinary afternoon.”
Giampaolo Pazzini on rising from the bench to make his debut for Inter Milan, who were trailing Palermo 2-0, and scoring a brace and wining the penalty from which Samuel Eto’o completed a comeback victory.

“As much as I don’t want to admit it, Chiefs are the favourite for the holy grail – and that’s coming from a Pirate like me.”
Mark Fish, an Orlando Pirates legend, backs second-placed Kaizer Chiefs to overtake his table-topping former team and win the Premiership title

"When I first came into the side, winning tackles and being aggressive was the main part of my game. But as Chelsea progressed and I was playing in European competitions, I was giving away cheap fouls in dangerous areas. So it was important to adapt my game to that environment and then back again for the league, because the following weekend we'd be away to someone where I'd need to be physical and have a right old battle."
John Terry on adapting between the Premier League and European football