“Pele, Romario and Maradona are the best players in the history of football. For me, Pele is the undisputed number one, and I'm next. I have done much more than Maradona. I have won more titles and have scored a lot more goals.”

“My philosophy is to be snotty at times and to occasionally look the opponents in the eyes and say, 'come on, my friend, now I am going to attack you 22 times and it is not going to be a pleasant afternoon for you'. I will be telling my lads to shoot, to pepper their goal. And if occasionally somebody in row 37 gets their beer knocked out of their hands, then who cares?"
Holger Stanislawski ahead of his Hoffenheim side’s hosting of a Bayern Munich team that has kept ten straight clean sheets

"Can I play for another five years? I want to play for ten."
Francesco Totti on his 35th birthday

"He is the heart of the team, a midfielder with outstanding tactical ability. He is on par with Iniesta, Xavi and Busquets.”
Jupp Heynckes on Bastian Schweinsteiger

“Wow! With that time, I can already begin training to beat [Usain] Bolt!”
Lucas after discovering he ran 85 metres with the ball in just 13 seconds en route to scoring for Brazil against Argentina

“I see similarities positional-wise with Messi. He comes deep, he likes to turn up front as well. Like Messi, he doesn't play like a real centre-forward, but when you look at his movement around the box he is very intelligent and goes on diagonal runs. I always thought his first touch was so good that he can make a difference even in a tight space.”
Arsene Wenger on Robin van Persie

“Moscow is a fantastic city, and you can have a wonderful life here. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to find a hair stylist worthy of the name!”
Seydou Doumbia of CSKA Moscow to FIFA.com

"It's a compliment when you're playing well and people want to drag you down. There have been two sent off in the last two games, so they can keep kicking me if they want as long as they get sent off."
Gareth Bale after Liverpool’s Martin Skrtel and Steve Gohouri of Wigan Athletic were dismissed for fouling him in Tottenham Hotspur’s previous two games

"Juventus are overreliant on Andrea Pirlo. It is Pirlo who dictates the game. If you take him out, the other players become like ants."
Pietro Lo Monaco, Catania general manager

"I'd walk over burning coals to get the England job.”
Sam Allardyce

“These fans are absolutely unique in the Bundesliga. When I see what kind of an atmosphere they create when we win, it is sensational. It gives me goosebumps.”
Lukas Podolski on the Cologne supporters

“We’ve allowed the Peruvian people to dream about reaching the World Cup again. I appreciate fans would prefer us to make it to the big one rather than perform well in the Copa America, but we had to start somewhere.”
Paolo Guerrero