“My heart has a little space for Chelsea, a lot for Vitoria Setubal and all of it for Inter. I always cheer on Inter, suffer when they suffer and want the Inter fans to be happy.”
Jose Mourinho

“If I told you I would work in Chechnya, you would still not believe me, right? I never imagined one day ending up in the Caucasus. The call from Terek stunned me. But life is full of surprises.”
Ruud Gullit on taking charge of Terek Grozny

“Silvio Berlusconi said that Cassano is the best Italian talent. He is either wrong or he doesn't know Balotelli.”
Mario Balotelli

“I would have preferred to win the World Cup as a player.”
Vicente Del Bosque

“It's the first goal with the new head!”
Cristian Chivu on scoring his first goal since fracturing his skull over a year ago

“Scholesy is just incredible and it's a privilege to be in the same squad. He’s the best midfielder I’ve ever seen. He can pass, score goals with his left, right, his head. He can do anything. And he can beat a player too, plus he loves to nutmeg you! He's unbelievable.”
Nani on Paul Scholes

"Criscito won't leave Genoa even if there is a bomb.”
Enrico Preziosi, the Genoa president, on coveted defender Domenico Criscito

“Carlos is as good as Thierry Henry [was in his prime]. They are different players but when you want to win trophies, you need a striker who can score 20 to 25 goals a season. Even if you don't play well you Carlos will create a chance by himself and score it.”
Patrick Vieira

"I will go to Mallorca for my last season. They gave me the chance to grow and become a man, and that is something priceless. That's why I hope my last smile on a football field will be with Mallorca. Then I will return here to coach Inter."
Samuel Eto’o

“Neymar is a great player. If his head stays in the right place he has everything to become the best player in the world – on Messi’s level.”
Caio, former Brazil forward

“Lio is the best player in the world and the best person too. When you play with him it’s like having five team-mates alongside you.”
Javier Pastore on Lionel Messi to FIFA.com

"I left England because it was too cold.”
Mauro Boselli upon joining Genoa on loan

"Arsenal are strong but Barça play at another level. Arsenal cannot defeat Barcelona. This Barcelona team is fantastic. Xavi, Iniesta and Messi always generate such danger that it's nearly impossible for opponents."
Rafael van der Vaart on the UEFA Champions League last-16 tie

“If this is the effect of our players fighting with each other, then the bust-ups are more than welcome.”
Claudio Ranieri after his Roma side beat arch-rivals Lazio 2-1

"Iran against South Korea will be a classic etched in stone at the Asian Cup. The Koreans have studied our team and probably have a very good understanding of how we play. But I have lived in the Korean culture, and I think this gives me an advantage as I know how they react on their good days and bad days.”
Afshin Ghotbi on why his time as Korea Republic’s assistant coach will work in his Iran side’s favour

“Instead of thinking about winning the title, we should think about winning two consecutive games. It's not a joke, it's true.”
Didier Drogba of Chelsea

“It's impossible for Inter not to think about winning the Scudetto. Even if Aryton Senna started 25th on the grid, he only ever thought about winning because it was in his DNA. Inter also have it in their DNA.”