August is a busy month across planet football, with several new seasons commencing. As a fan, receiving the latest news, interviews, fixtures and results from your favourite championships can be a real challenge. offers a number of easy and convenient ways to follow each and every one of the 170 professional leagues we cover on a daily basis.

The World MatchCentre
The World MatchCentre covers and connects some 170 leagues across all six continental zones. Up-to-the-minute results and league tables, and accurate fixture listings are just some of the MatchCentre's impressive features. The MatchCentre's league browser ensures that fans can navigate to any of the near-200 leagues from a single page, and also includes a list of championships in which live matches are currently underway. From Albania to Zambia, the exhaustive list ensures that all member associations enjoy the benefit of daily coverage.

Personalise your experience
We know you're not necessarily interested in getting all the news, all the time. That's why personalisation is a key feature on Simply choose the leagues or national teams that you would like to follow, and let tailor your football experience. You can personalise by accessing your Club account, adding widgets and also signing up for the free RSS feed.

Let the news come to you
Do you find yourself continually visiting the same pages as you search for breaking news, scores and articles? Then it's time to change your experience. With widgets and RSS feeds, you can sit back and let the news come to you. Our World Leagues widget can be customized to cover almost any top league in the world, delivering you relevant breaking news, scores and standings. Alternatively, you can subscribe to our RSS feed and receive notification every time one of your favourite sections is updated. Visit the RSS page to read up on how to set up this free and convenient process.

European and World Leagues articles
Our weekly European Leagues and World Leagues previews and reviews are an ideal way to respectively anticipate and reflect upon the action. They cover the most crucial and intriguing matches, and the players involved in them.

If the statistical side of the game intrigues you, be sure to check out our weekly review every Wednesday. The following day, 'Next Week on' will allow you a sneak preview of the interviews, articles and features due for forthcoming publication.

FIFA World Leagues Predictor
It's exciting; it's addictive. Ten fixtures are on the menu each week and if your predictions outdo those of your fellow competitors, you will receive a signed jersey from a FIFA World Cup winner. And if you finish the season atop of the standings, you will a trip for two to the FIFA World Player Gala in 2010, which also includes a visit to the Home of FIFA in Zurich.

There you have it, all the wonderful ways in which you can explore the world of football on So, go and enjoy them!