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What's your top FIFA World Cup moment?

Brazilian players run to join their teammates as Italian midfielder Roberto Baggio bows his head after he missed his penalty kick giving Brazil a 3-2 victory in the FIFA WC 1994 Final

For almost 80 years now, the best national teams in the world have come together every four years to do battle for the greatest prize the game has to offer. An impressive number of countries have already staged the FIFA World Cup™, each of them giving the event its own special and unique flavour.

In its long history, the tournament has produced countless never-to-be-forgotten moments. No such list would be complete without the 'Miracle of Bern' in 1954, when West Germany beat the seemingly invincible Hungary 3-2; the first-ever penalty shootout to settle a FIFA World Cup Final, between Brazil and Italy in 1994; or the first Golden Goal at the competition, scored by France's Laurent Blanc against Paraguay in 1998.

Then there was the goal by Diego Maradona at Mexico 1986, where the Argentinian set off on an outrageous dribble from the halfway line, leaving half the English team in his wake before sliding the ball home.

And when it was England’s turn for glory in 1966, who will ever forget the immortal lines delivered by match commentator Kenneth Wolstenholme when Geoff Hurst settled the outcome with his side’s fourth goal: "Some people are on the pitch, they think it’s all over… it is now!"

These are just a few of the countless unforgettable moments in FIFA World Cup history. FIFA.com wants to hear which is your personal favourite, be it a move, save, goal, game or situation. Click 'Add your comment' and let everyone know your opinion, remembering to keep your posts clean, respectful, on-topic and in English.

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