Together they terrorised defences and showed no mercy in their quest for goals and victory. Their deft manoeuvres and precision passing picked apart the opposition on the way to glory. But which duo did it best?

In this weekend's Have Your Say feature, asks you, the users, to name what you consider to be the greatest strike partnership in football. There is no need to restrict your selection to current tandems, past players might very well have formed the best combination in your view.

The criteria for determining the best strike duo is yours to consider – total goal output, the ability to deliver results when it matters most, sheer beauty and creativity in the way they moved the ball between them, or even the degree of fear they instilled in opposing backlines and goalkeepers, all mere food for thought.

Solo producers are no doubt revered and envied around the world, but the beautiful game is also about teamwork. Those with the ability to work together to outwit their rivals stand the greatest chance of bringing silverware home to club and country.

So now wants to hear from you. Tell us who you think comprised the best strike partnership, past or present. Click 'Add your comment' to make your opinion known, remembering to keep your posts clean, respectful, on-topic and in English.