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What's the best move you've seen?

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While goals win games, there is no denying the thrill that an outrageous piece of skill evokes. Whether productive or purely for show, FIFA.com would like to know what is the most breathtaking flick, trick or feint you've seen.

One party piece which perpetually decorates highlight reels is the elastic dribble, which has been executed to perfection by the likes of Rubens, Rivelino and Ronaldinho over the years. Another is the 360-degree turn, which was in the stunning repertoire of moves employed by Diego Maradona and Zinedine Zidane.

Perhaps your pick is a player performing step-overs, a body swerve, Cruyff turn, bunny-hop, back-heeled nutmeg, seal dribble, scorpion kick, chaleira, sombrero or lambreta, famously performed by Denilson, Garrincha, Johann Cruyff, Cuauhtemoc Blanco, Fernando Redondo, Kerlon, Rene Higuita, Cristiano Ronaldo, Jay-Jay Okocha and Djalminha respectively.

Is your choice a one-off moment of magic, such as Dennis Bergkamp's astonishing flick and spin for Arsenal against Newcastle United, from which he scored, or Pele's unforgettable dummy during Brazil's 1970 FIFA World Cup Mexico™ semi-final with Uruguay, which led to an unforgettable miss? Maybe it came from a little-known player in the lower leagues.

So, it's over to you. Regardless of whether it was performed by a little-known player or a superstar, in a FIFA World Cup Final or a lower-league game, was productive or solely for entertainment value, what is the most breathtaking piece of skill you've seen? Just click 'Add your comment' to share your opinions with fans from all over the globe, but please remember to keep your posts clean, respectful, on topic and in English.