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About FIFA Security


About FIFA Tournaments & Events Safety and Security

First created on 1 January 2011, FIFA Tournaments & Events Safety and Security is a key sub-division of the Competitions & Events Division, within the Football Branch. Focused on tournaments (e.g. FIFA World Cup™ and FIFA Women’s World Cup™ ) and events (such as FIFA Congress, the Best FIFA Football Awards™, FIFA Interactive World Cup, etc.), it is responsible for promoting best practice in football safety and security in all FIFA Member Associations, particularly those hosting FIFA tournaments and events.

This team have a mixture of strategic and operational backgrounds including experience in stadium and event management, governmental organisations, and policing.

They are supported at FIFA tournaments by FIFA Safety & Security Officers. These Officers are nominated by their respective Member Associations and must pass a FIFA training and assessment process to ensure they have the necessary knowledge and skills to act on behalf of FIFA Tournament Safety & Security at venue level during FIFA tournaments or FIFA World Cup qualification matches.

Safety and security at FIFA tournaments

During the four year tournament cycle, the FIFA Safety & Security Team supports the delivery of the full range of senior and age group world cups for both men and women - including qualification competition for the FIFA World Cup™ - as well as Olympic football tournaments.

The FIFA Tournament Safety & Security Team provides each Local Organising Committee with advice and support on developing their Safety and Security Strategy and operational plans for the tournament. The objective of these is to reduce the safety and security risks to all participants including players, match officials, tournament staff and spectators. The host country retains the full responsibility for delivering the safety and security operation which covers all participants and all sites used in the tournament. The LOC safety and security team can only achieve this through a multi-agency integrated approach involving occupationally competent stadium safety and security management staff, stewarding and guarding personnel, and public authority law enforcement personnel.

To promote consistency in safety and security across Members Associations, the FIFA Stadium Safety and Security Regulations contain the minimum safety and security measures that event organisers and stadium authorities must take to ensure safety, security and order at the stadium. These Regulations apply to all events under the direct administration of FIFA.

The balance of safety, security, and customer service is critical to the successful hosting of major sports events and the FIFA Tournaments & Events Safety and Security Team is fully committed to this principle. We are driven by our vision of a world where all football stadiums are safe and welcoming for all, and, with our partners in the Member Associations, are working to minimise risks to the safety and security of all those who participate in any way in our beautiful game.

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