Attacking options for 12 and 13

As qualification heats up, a double set of fixtures for a number of big teams could see some inspiring attacking performances as players attempt to turn FIFA World Cup™ dreams into a reality.

Leading midfielders
Last round's winner employed a midfield-heavy 3-5-2 formation to great advantage. As two fixture-filled matchday's approach, managers will have to settle on their men in the middle.

Matchday 11's best midfielders were a surprise to many. Norway's Morten Pedersen and Slovenia's Robert Koren scored a brace each, finishing on 25 points for the matchday. While Pedersen enjoys two outings in September, Koren and his teammates will only participate in Matchday 13 when they face Poland. Bastian Schweinsteiger also had an impressive matchday, scoring 17 fantasy points. The German midfielder is now second on the overall midfield rankings only to Celso Borges.

Leading into Matchday 12, the midfielders top ten still carries a distinctly CONCACAF flavour. Meanwhile, superstars such as Kaka, Frank Lampard and Michael Ballack remain outside of the top ten midfielders overall. However the important September fixtures could prove the perfect time for the superstars to shine.

Best strikers
England's Wayne Rooney remains king of the forwards with a goal count of eight in ten matches. The England forward may however be soon overtaken as most strikers enjoy double September fixtures while England only have a single outing against Croatia. Honduran striking sensation, and currently the second-best performing fantasy forward, Carlos Costly shows no signs of slowing down. His brace against Costa Rica ensured that he remains on many managers' radars.

Elsewhere in the strikers' top ten, superstars Robinho (Brazil) and David Villa (Spain) will no doubt feature in Matchdays' 12 and 13. A little less famous but equally as deadly are Edin Dzeko (Bosnia-Herzegovina), Ramon Nunez  (Honduras), Blaise n Kufo (Switzerland) and USA's Jozy Altidore.

Where will the action be?
As the stakes get higher and the fixtures fewer, some bold tactics may be employed by managers both real and fantastical. Will Ronaldo inspire Portugal to a win over Denmark? How will the Brazil-Argentina derby end? Will African underdogs like Gabon or superstars like Nigeria shine brightest? These are just some of the questions managers face when selecting their squads.

Potential scoring hotspots
Ghana-Sudan; Rwanda-Egypt; Ukraine-Andorra; Russia- Liechtenstein; Armenia-Bosnia-Herzegovina; Honduras-Trinidad and Tobago; USA-El Salvador; Chile-Venezuela.

Matchday 12 deadline: 5 September 2009, 00:00 (GMT)
Matchday 13 deadline: 8 September 2009, 00:00 (GMT)