As 14 June and the eagerly anticipated kick-off of the FIFA Confederations Cup South Africa 2009 draws ever closer, takes a look at the variety of ways you can enjoy the FIFA Confederations Cup experience on our site.

Tournament-exclusive MatchCast
By now you may have found your way over to the new EMIRATES Matchcast, already available during the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ qualifying phase. The FIFA Confederations Cup is a unique tournament and as such, it deserved a MatchCast tailored to suit this unique event, so here's a look at what makes this MatchCast so special:

There are three main areas in the new MatchCast: 'Play-By-Play', 'Match Details' and 'Stats'. Taken separately or together, the three sections will immerse you in a world of statistics, visual information and live match data that is sure to set your football brain alight.

‘Play-By-Play' - this live commentary feed will keep you up-to-speed on all the main action during a match, including live scores, goals, cards, near misses and substitutions; there's also a match timeline for at-a-glance info.

‘Match Details' offers up everything from weather and stadium information to high-level match statistics. You can view a ball-possession heat map, showing you where the most concentrated areas of play have been for each team. A live tactical line-up will also give you a birds-eye view of the two teams' formations, so that you can see how your side's tactics are shaping up during the match, and you can even rotate the pitch view to see the field from nine different angles!

‘Stats' is a gateway into a world of football figures and information. General match statistics, plus a veritable stream of data on passing, distance covered and even top speeds per player will all add weight to your opinions when discussing the latest South Africa 2009 action with your friends.

And there's more
But that's just the beginning. Other tournament MatchCast features include players' match-performance statistics; individual player heat maps; team and player head-to-head information; latest news; a customizable layout; live commentary; photos and, of course, live FanChat.

If the incredible depth of statistics available on the EMIRATES MatchCast is not enough, then bend your mind around the main FIFA Confederations Cup statistics page, of which one major highlight is the Castrol Index. The Castrol Index tracks every movement a player makes on a field and awards them a score out of ten based on a comprehensive analysis of their performance. Follow the index during the tournament and analyse the event's finest performers.

Want to know more about the various squads? The FIFA Confederations Cup player profiles offer fans a more in-depth look at the footballing career of each squad member featured at the tournament. As the competition progresses, profiles will be fleshed out with tournament information. You can navigate to any player's profile from their team page in the tournament section.

No FIFA event would be done justice online without an array of spectacular video action. There will be coverage on throughout South Africa 2009 including match highlights and player and coach interviews. And after the competition has drawn to a close, will post the nominees for ‘goal of the tournament' and offer fans the chance to vote for their favourites. In selected European countries you can also watch tournament matches via live video streaming.

Not to be overshadowed by the flashier, more visual sections, editorial news is sure to keep fans enlightened and entertained for the tournament duration. Feature articles, interviews, previews and round-ups will ensure that football followers are never out of the loop.

With this incredible amount of FIFA Confederations Cup coverage right here on, all that is left is to wish you a tournament filled with excitement, drama and incredible goals. And remember fans that, including the LIVE EMIRATES MatchCast, is now available in five languages, the most recent addition being Arabic.