Senegal coach Joseph Koto:
"The first goal came from a mistake, a lapse in concentration. My player played a pass he should never have been playing. That put us in a strange situation for the rest of the game. By pushing for an equaliser, that created space for them and they scored two more goals at the end. The scoreline isn't an accurate reflection of the match. We were up against a highly experienced team and that's what made the difference."

Portugal coach Helio Sousa:
"The opening goal didn't come as a surprise because we like to start matches on the front foot. And if we can get the breakthrough in the first minute, all the better. We had some problems because Senegal are a good team, but we should have killed off the game earlier. We created enough chances to do so but didn't manage to convert them. Luckily we stayed strong, dealt with the situation and eventually made it 3-0, which was the right result."