Felix Sanchez, Qatar coach
Although my team were organised, we could not match the quality of our opponents. We were more confident in the second half, but after the third goal we knew we couldn't get back in the game. Lack of performance in the 'details of the game' cost us. Experience won the match today. We still have room for progression. Hopefully this experience will better the players.

Helio Sousa, Portugal coach
Qatar defended deep but after the first goal they had to come out a little bit and we were able to find space. Then came the second goal, the third and so on. It was a good game for us. It was difficult to control the ball on the wet pitch but our players have good touch and were able to keep possession and create opportunities. Our goal before this tournament was to play the last game in a position to win the group. We have scored seven goals, conceded zero - it's good for us. Now we hope to end on a good note and win the final game.