Oleksandr Petrakov, Ukraine coach
It is difficult to express myself. I’m very disappointed and feel very empty now. Because the teams were equal, the game was quite tough. We trained for penalties as well and then the players were scoring well. But we had no luck today. We are not so experienced when it comes to this kind of high level tournament. I’ve been with this team for 5 years now. This time, it will be the last time I coach this team. I will have to say goodbye. I hope the next team will make it to this tournament again and I hope that I can be with them. I would like to thank New Zealand, which was hosting us very well. I liked my time here a lot.

Joseph Koto, Senegal coach
This was a very important victory for all Senegalese people. Thanks to the people in stadium tonight for their warm support here. We prepared seriously for this tournament, we did not come here to be only a part of it. We came here for results. After the group stage, we won’t do any more calculations, we will take things from match after match. As the game went on, we saw the possibility to reach something. After the match, I told my team we have not reached our goal yet. This competition ends with the final. That’s our goal.