Fanyeri Diarra, Mali coach
We said we would show Christchurch a great game and we did it. Germany is a big nation at this level and we know we were not the favourites, but we fought the battle until the end. Before the tournament I didn’t think our team was ready but we have grown in confidence and believed in ourselves. We have carried on step-by-step and have been building on our good results. There are always surprises in these tournaments and we are one of them. Now we are ready to face whatever comes next.

Frank Wormuth, Germany coach
This is the reason that I love football, exciting until the last second. We can carry our hats high and I am very proud of my team who have played very well in this tournament. Today our opponents were as good as us and we knew that Mali were at the same level going into this game. In the 55th minute of the second half there was a chance for us to win from a penalty, but we missed out. It is a big disappointment for us, but we didn’t lose from our opponents we lost from a penalty and that is sometimes luck. Congratulations Mali for an excellent win.