Veljko Paunovic, Serbia coach
Before I say anything about my team, I want to first congratulate Mali for the great football they played and wish them good luck for what I'm sure will be a great future. They really impressed me. I am proud of our achievement and it means a lot for our country, which is still rebuilding after a tough time. In every game, we've brought our own style and played with heart. Mali had most of the possession today but we defended well and fought as one. We also created more chances than they did. We didn't always play the way we wanted but the problem was more of a physical one as this was our third straight match that has gone to extra time. When we beat Mali in the group stage, it was quite a similar game, but we were better physically. We expected the problems they posed us today but we just couldn't respond as well and found it tough against their fitness and energy. We need to improve in that respect. But my guys are doing really well here and they are making history for their team, themselves and their country.

Fanyeri Diarra, Mali coach
We didn't start well but when we equalised I thought that was going to be the most important moment of the game for us. We definitely played well after scoring. Right until the end, we believed in our own strengths and felt we could win the game. But my players are inexperienced and, in the end, that was the main reason for our defeat. They were really brave all match long though and now I really want third-place for them. We will do everything to make that happen for our team and our people. Everyone back home has been really happy with our success during this tournament, mainly because it has been quite an unexpected story.