Since its christening as “the most peaceful location under the sky” by King Taejo of the Goryeo Dynasty, Cheonan has established itself as Korea Republic's transportation hub thanks to its central location. The Cheonan Samgeori, or three-way intersection, was significant for hundreds of years as the bifurcation site of the Samnamdaero, a large road originating in Seoul. One branch led to the south-eastern Yeongnam region and the other to the south-western Honam region. In modern times, the Samgeori remains preserved as a park, and in its vicinity are highways leading to the aforementioned southern regions.

In the vicinity of the Cheonan Bus Terminal is Arario Gallery. This cultural centre features art exhibitions, 28 modern art installations, shopping malls, and movie theatres, and as a result won the Prime Minister’s Award in 2007. Food enthusiasts can take to the eastern outskirts of Cheonan to visit Soondae Street and its 20 different restaurants specialising in soondae, or Korean blood sausage. Here, pig’s intestines are stuffed with cabbage, onions, and glass noodles for a unique flavour and texture.

Cheonan memorialises the March 1st Movement of 1919 with the Independence Hall of Korea and the tomb of Ryu Gwansoon, a female student who died during the protests. Cheonan also features a tourist site filled with resort complexes that boast hot springs, water parks, fountains, and condominiums. And at the Cheonan Arts Centre, diverse performances ranging from opera to musicals are constantly on display.

The fervour for football runs strong in Cheonan. As a host city for the FIFA U-17 World Cup Korea Republic 2007, seven matches were played at the Cheonan Baekseok Stadium, which still holds the tournament attendance record. The Korea Republic National Football Team has recently played two matches in Cheonan, against Mali in 2013 and against Paraguay in 2014, both of which saw the hosts emerge victorious. In 2008, Cheonan City FC was established. The club currently plays in the National League, or the third division of Korean Football, and plays home games at the Cheonan Football Centre.