- Venues Operations

The volunteers in this functional area will work with the Venue Coordination Manager, Infrastructure Manager, Training Site Manager and TV & Infotainment Manager to perform the roles mentioned below:

The Role:

1.     In-stadia infrastructure management (doing a daily check if services are working fine).

2.     Training site management.

3.     Tickets delivery for State VIPs, guests, dignitaries and other important stakeholders.

- Competition Management

The Volunteers under this functional area will work under the Team Services Manager at the venue and perform the roles mentioned below:

The Role:

1.     Team services like team requests (water, ice, etc.) before, during and after the matches.

2.     Referee services like referee requests (water, ice, etc.) before, during and after the matches.

3.     Assist the Team Liaison Officer at Venues, particularly with translation services into the local language.

4.     Assist the Referee Committee Members at Venues.

5.     Assist in Competition requirements, such as the correct hoisting of the national teams flags, delivering the Team Lineups and reports to the different other functional areas (VIPs, Media, TV) and others.

Marketing Operations

The Volunteers under this functional area will work under the Venue Marketing Manager, Venue Protocol Officer and Venue Youth Program Officer to perform the following roles.

The Role:

1.     VIP and hospitality: Assist in manning the welcome desks for VIPs at all the stadiums, escorting the guests and dignitaries to their respective seating and ensuring that all services as per the protocol guidelines are rendered to them.

2.     Value-In-Kind (VIK) management, including assisting in movement of products, safe storage of the same.

3.     Marketing operations: Assist the Venue Marketing Manager for installation of signage and branding at the venues. Ensure daily checks upon the signage installed. Bring it to the notice of marketing manager at the venue for the necessary rectification in case of any damages.

4.     Assisting in catering operations.

5.     Act as a Demonstrator of the World Cup Official Mascot. Engage the audience at the promotional events and at the stadiums as Mascots.

6.     Assist in the implementation of the Youth Programme at the venue (flag bearers, Ball kids, match ball carrier, etc.)

- Media Operations

The Volunteers under this functional area will work under the Venue Media Officer to perform the following roles:

The Role:

1.     Photo Marshals to manage the dedicated area for the journalists and photographers around the field of play.

2.     Assist in the management of the Welcome Desk for Media in each of the stadiums.

3.     Assist in managing the Media Centre and Media Tribune at the stadiums.

4.     Assist in managing the press conference rooms before, during and after the matches.

- Doping Control

The Role:

1.     The anti-doping volunteers will work with the FIFA anti-doping team as chaperones with the responsibility of getting the selected athlete by the Anti-Doping commission straight to the anti-doping room after the completion of a game.

2.     Ensure that all the services in the anti-doping room are available and well arranged.

- Transport, Logistics and Airport Operations

The Volunteers under this functional area will work with the Venue Transport Officer, Venue Customs Officer and the Venue Airport Operations Officer to perform the following roles:

The Role:

1.     Work at the Hotel help desks and assist in the movement of the participating teams and officials from the hotel to the stadium or training sites. Volunteers will be Transport and Logistics Specific.

2.     Assist in movement of equipment and other materials.

3.     Assist the Venue Airports Officer at the airport arrivals, departures, customs, immigration formalities and airport helpdesks; coordinate transfers to the hotels, etc. Given the nature of this role, the volunteers at the airport operations will work in two shifts.

4.     Transport volunteers at the Venues for monitoring Team Bus, Referee Bus and other VIP vehicle movements.

- Security

Security Volunteers will support the Venue Security Officer by performing the following roles:

The Role:

1.     Monitoring readiness of various security and operational items including access management, equipment, ticketing deployment and signage content and placement.

2.     Participate in pre-match dry runs to test security understanding at the facility.

3.     Assist with spectator services functions such as general stadium information, lost and found and ushering.

- Accreditation and Information Technology

The Volunteers in this functional area will work with Venue Accreditations Officer & IT Officer to perform the following roles:

The Role:

1.     Data entry and support on data proofing for police verification for accreditation applicants.

2.     Stock management and accreditation production including management of applicants at the Centre.

3.     Support Accreditations Officers for the setup of access signage as per zoning plan.

4.     Accounting and distribution of two-part passes and any match specific accreditation device.

5.     Monitor and ensure the smooth working of IT systems installed.

6.     Technical support for the internet and networking services.

7.     Compilation of reports and other administration work as required.

- Overlays

The Volunteers in this functional area will work with the Venue Overlays Officer to perform the following roles:

The Role:

1.     To support in vendor coordination with the Overlays venue team.

2.     To support in the verification of items found dysfunctional or not to specifications as intimated by the respective user department.

3.     To populate match day report templates for the accounting overlays items for post-games closure of accounts.

- Sustainability

For handling of the Sustainability Operations, the LOC will appoint sustainability coordinators amongst the Volunteers who will perform the following duties:

The Role:

1.     Waste Management – Ensuring Waste segregation and disposal as per the requirements.

2.     Raise awareness amongst spectators regarding different types of waste.

3.     Assist spectators on wheel chairs or with a disability to reach their respective seating and providing any other support as required.

4.     Ensure good hygiene at the Venues.

- Administration Management

Volunteers selected for this role will support the role of the Venue Administration and Account Manager in different areas as mentioned below:

The Role:

1.     Support in the management of the office inventory.

2.     Support in the entry of invoices, bills and data.

3.     Assist in the ledger management for the Venue.

4.     Assist in the overall management of the Venue office.

5.     Support in the maintenance and record of official correspondence.

- Volunteer Management

Volunteers are at the heart of the tournament operations. To manage them efficiently, the LOC Venue Volunteer Officer would require the support of the volunteers for the daily tasks during the entire duration of the tournament.

The Role:

1.     Assist the Venue Volunteer Officer in the daily tasks such as attendance of the volunteers, timely distribution of meals to the volunteers, payment of travel allowances based on the attendance, disbursement of accreditation and uniforms.

- e-Volunteers

For those who chose to register as e-Volunteers, their job will be to create a social media buzz about the Tournament and the activities associated with it. For this 'Work from Anyplace' job, the LOC will prepare a social media guide that will have all the information for the volunteers. The guide will be available on the Volunteer page of the website.

For effective channeling of the social media posts, the LOC will continuously communicate with the e-volunteers and give them content on a timely basis about which they should post on their social media platforms.

The Role:

1.     Share the content provided by LOC on their respective social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) using #FIFAU17WC.

2.     Initiate conversations and write positively about the World Cup and the host country.

3.     Promote the LOC activities and campaigns.

- Ancillary Event Volunteers

Leading up to the World Cup, the LOC will organise a number of ancillary events namely Official Draw, Trophy Experience, etc. At each of these events, the LOC will require volunteers for their smooth conduct. These events will be ideal for those who can only spare a day or two as Volunteers based on their commitments, but want to be part of India’s first football World Cup and would not be available for the entire duration of the Tournament.

The Role:

1.     Assist in the implementation of the ancillary events like the Official Draw, Trophy tour, etc. The LOC will communicate with the registered volunteers in advance about the dates for them to have sufficient time to confirm their availability. Also, the tasks will be informed well in advance by the LOC.

- Mission XI Million Volunteers

Mission XI Million is the largest football contact program at school level in India and will provide an opportunity for people from across the country to be part of the football revolution as a Volunteer. The program will be a real game changer for Indian football because, as part of the Mission XI Million program, workshops will be conducted in each of the state capitals of the country wherein 12,000 schools and 11 million school children across various age groups will play and enjoy football at school and will be given the necessary equipment for the same. Post the workshops, a football festival will be conducted in each of the capital cities where kids from the registered school will be invited to participate on an event with lots of 4-on-4 matches, skill contests, etc.

The Role:

1.     The volunteers will work as per the directions of City Coordinator who will inform them about the schools involved and the support required for workshops and festivals.

2.     The volunteers will make visits to the schools to take pictures, prepare a short summary of the activity and share it with the MXIM team. The selected pictures and stories will be shared on MXIM social media platforms as a reward for the volunteers.

3.     Conduct of Workshops & Football Festivals: At the workshops and festivals, volunteers will be required for distribution of registration forms to the schools & kids, collection of the forms, distribution of goodies for the schools & kids, crowd management and overall operations.