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The Best 2017

GORILLA mingles with footballing royalty

Reigning FIWC champion Gorilla at the Best FIFA Football Awards
  • Spencer ‘GORILLA’ Ealing won FIFA Interactive World Cup 2017 in August
  • Champion gamer was among the guests at The Best FIFA Football Awards™
  • Met the players with whom he has excelled on the console

Thanks to his FIFA Interactive World Cup triumph, Spencer ‘GORILLA’ Ealing earned an invitation to The Best FIFA Football Awards™ in London on Monday.

Like his fellow virtual world champions Alfonso Ramos, Bruce Grannec and Mohamad Al-Bacha before him, he had the honour of spending an unforgettable evening with the biggest stars of the football world.

“It’ll be a huge event, I’m looking forward to it,” the Londoner told us a few days ago. “Ronaldo and Messi are the two everyone wants to meet. Neymar as well, I’ve always admired him.” 

And meet them GORILLA did, posing for photographs with all three of The Best FIFA Men’s Player finalists:

Regarded over the last three years as one of the best FIFA players on the planet, GORILLA finally fulfilled his rich promise on the global scene by prevailing at the FIWC 2017 Grand Final, thanks in the main to his sparkling attacking style.

Two months on from his triumph in London, Spencer is clearly enjoying his new-found status, rubbing shoulders with football legends and world champions, all of which should make him even more determined to stay at the top when he defends his crown in 2018.

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