Plenty of superstars will be in the spotlight tonight in Zurich when the FIFA Ballon d'Or Gala 2012 gets underway, but taking centre stage will be our hosts for the evening.

Broadcast journalist Kay Murray and Dutch footballing icon Ruud Gullit will be guiding us through the event in the Kongresshaus. spoke to both of them ahead of the bluechip event.

For a man who has stareed in FIFA World Cups and UEFA European Championships, Gullit is nervous. "You do this every day," he said to his co-star. "For you it is easy to. I have to wait a whole year for another gig, but I need the adrenalin to perform well!"

Murray had her own opinion about why tonight’s show will be unique: "I think the audience will like the little bit of humour that we are injecting this year," she smiled.

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