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The FIFA FIFPro Men's World11 Award Winner Marcelo of Real Madrid and Brazil and his son pose 
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"All of a sudden, I heard this tiny voice in the distance, so clear. 'Go, Daddy, go!! Go, Daddy!!' It was my son, Enzo. In that moment, I was cramping, and hearing his voice gave me so much strength."
Marcelo recalls a moment from the 2016 UEFA Champions League final to The Players' Tribune

"I’ll remember doing angels on the field in the confetti and looking up at the sky. I’ll remember the locker room scene. A lot of Budweiser. It was a packed house tonight. It was special. I’m all cried out, at least right now. I feel like I’m in a really good, peaceful time. That was incredible. They kind of saw me off the field, but I didn’t want to take anything away from the team."
Heather O’Reilly speaks after her final career appearance

"Mum tells me I was named Bruce after Bruce Lee. They were going to call me Brandon, after his son, but I’m really grateful they didn’t as I don’t like the name."
Mexico midfielder Bruce El-Mesmari speaks in an exclusive interview with at the FIFA U-17 World Cup

"Ronaldo [Nazario] was a phenomenon. Of all the strikers I ever saw, he was the best. He was impressive."
Lionel Messi on former Brazil forward Ronaldo, speaking with AS

“In the NBA we have a guy that actually is called The Terminator. I don’t think there is any soccer player called The Terminator. So why don’t you start one. Ronaldo?"
Arnold Schwarzenegger tells the BBC that Cristiano Ronaldo should be given the nickname of 'The Terminator'

“Thank you for putting on some more pressure.”
New USA head coach Vlatko Andonovski jokes at his introductory press conference when being reminded that his predecessor Jill Ellis won the last two FIFA Women's World Cups™ without losing a game in either of them

“I started using a sleeptalking app years ago. I don’t use it every day but Robbo [Andy Robertson] and I had a laugh. Robbo said: ‘I also talk in my sleep.’ So we used it and we found it was me who was doing most of the talking – in Spanish. Robbo was making farm noises.”
James Milner reveals that he talks in Spanish in his sleep, in an interview with The Guardian

"I had already been told by someone from the squad that there was a very good player in the squad. They told me that he was very young but scored many goals and he was very good. I saw him, he looked small and shy and I thought: ‘Is this one as good as they say? We started pre-season in Scotland, we won 6-1, 5-0 and he would score three goals a game for you. I thought that, with him, we would win everything."
Pep Guardiola on Messi, speaking with Catalunya Radio

"If we can give the kids in Dandora a platform, they can do that. But without a platform, the dream dies. And dreaming is a powerful thing. Watching your hero play for Kenya, getting a smile from your mother … it can ignite something in your soul. That’s what happened with me. All kids, no matter where they are growing up, deserve a chance to show the world what they can do."
Kenya and Cercle Brugge defensive midfielder Johanna Omolo writes in The Players' Tribune

Francesco Totti reminisces about winning the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany™ with his son Cristian

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