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Grand Finalists Country Split

The 2016 Grand Finalists

Players are sorted according to their current World Ranking.

Mohamad Al-Bacha Denmark

Sean Allen England

Ivan Lapanje Sweden

Dylan Bance France

Michael Ribeiro USA

Johann Simon France

Rodrigo Araujo Brazil

Irving Velazquez Mexico

August Rosenmeier Denmark

Michael Bittner Germany

Kevin Assia Germany

Ty Walton England

Benedikt Saltzer Germany

Demetri Anastasiou England

Khalid Aloufi Saudi Arabia

Emiliano Ruiz Mexico

Arturo Villasenor Mexico

Oliver Chesses England

Niklas Raseck Germany

Giuseppe Guastella USA

Abdulaziz Shiddo Sudan

Victor Guedes Brazil

Stefan Zolker Australia

Javier Alvarez Costa Rica

Edson Mata Brazil

Darren John USA

Brian Jaldin USA

Roberto Ramirez Mexico

Luke Mitchell Australia

Dean Coombes England

Arthur Dabilgou Burkina Faso

Rachid Azzahim Morocco

FIWC World Ranking

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