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Stadium safety and security

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Stadium safety and security at FIFA tournaments

Safety and security is a pivotal component of any successful event, match or tournament and affects everyone attending or participating in the event. It is widely acknowledged that safety and security can only be achieved by establishing a balance between anticipation (importance of being well prepared), good management and well-designed infrastructure.

Successful stadium safety and security strikes the right balance between stadium design and stadium management. Guidance on new builds and stadium refurbishment can be found in the FIFA publication Football Stadiums – Technical Recommendations and Requirements, which should be used as a reference for all FIFA events together with the latest version of the FIFA Stadium Safety and Security Regulations.  These regulations are intended to make organisers of FIFA events aware of their duties and responsibilities before, during and after matches in relation to safety and security at the stadium. They contain the minimum safety and security measures that event organisers and stadium authorities must take to ensure safety, security and order at the stadium.

The host country/association agrees, by signing the hosting agreement, to assume full responsibility for the operation of all security matters relating to the competition, at all sites and venues, at Host City airports and principal train stations, and, in respect of representatives of national governments, the FIFA delegation, the teams and the match officials, during the time the members of such groups are present in the host country for purposes directly relating to the competition, whether in preparation for the competition, or whether during the competition period. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of the host association to employ occupationally competent and trained persons to fulfil the duties required for event safety and security management and operations. This includes national security officers, stadium/venue security officers, stadium stewards and private security.

The FIFA Security Division provides expert and specialist advice regarding safety and security at major events.

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