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FIWC 2014

Grand Finalists ranked and ready for 2 July!

Neymar of Brazil in action during the International Friendly Match between Brazil and Panama at Serra Dourada Stadium on June 03, 2014 in Goiania, Brazil. (Photo by Buda Mendes/Getty Images)
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With the celebrations in Brazil underway now that the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ has kicked off, a World Cup of a different kind edges closer. On 2 and 3 July in Rio de Janeiro, the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2014 Grand Final will decide virtual football’s next world champion! As we prepare for the world’s 20 best EA SPORTS™ FIFA 14 players to descend on the 2014 FIFA World Cup host city, takes a look at the tournament format for the two-day tournament.

Player seeding
The 20 Grand Finalists have been seeded according to the FIWC World Ranking which takes into account player performances over the past four editions of the FIFA Interactive World Cup, including both matches in qualification and games at the Grand Finals.

Over the years, FIWC Grand Finalists have collected ranking points which count towards their world ranking. The ranking depreciates on a yearly basis, meaning that more recent performances accrue stronger points than older editions of the FIWC.

  **FIWC World Ranking for FIWC 2014 Grand Final***
 **World Ranking** ** Player** **Grand Final Seeding** 
 1  Bruce Grannec  1
 3  August Rosenmeier  2
 10  Ovidiu Patrascu  3
 13  Krasimir Ivanov  4
 19  Ty Walton  5
 23  David Bytheway  6
 23  Adam Johnston  7
 23  Alban Xhemajli  8
 23  Farid Diffallah  9
 23  Anders Bollerup  10
 23  Steven van de Vorst  11
 29  Michael Ribeiro  12
 30  Irving Velazquez  13
 32  Johann Simon  14
 32  Jorrick Boshove  15
 32  Marian Avram  16
 32  Tihomir Kolev  17
 32  Adrien Viaud  18
 38  Julien Dassonville  19
 42  Rafael Fortes  20

*For players with the same world ranking, a world ranking tie-breaker was used. The player who qualified earliest in FIWC 2014 was given the better seeding.

Grand Final Draw
On 1 July, on the eve of the 2014 Grand Final in Rio, the FIWC will hold the tournament draw for the Grand Final. There are five pots, comprising 4 players each. The players will be drawn from the pots into four groups of five players each.

 **Pot 1** **Pot 2 ** **Pot 3 ** **Pot 4 ** **Pot 5 **
 Bruce Grannec  Ty Walton  Farid Diffallah  Irving Velazquez  Tihomir Kolev
 August Rosenmeier  David Bytheway  Anders Bollerup  Johann Simon  Adrien Viaud
 Ovidiu Patrascu  Adam Johnston  Steven van de Vorst  Jorrick Boshove  Julien Dassonville
 Krasimir Ivanov  Alban Xhemajli  Michael Ribeiro  Marian Avram  Rafael Fortes

GroupsFour groups (A, B, C, D) of five players, that’s the challenge for our Grand Finalists! The top two finishers from each group will progress to the Quarterfinals.

The quarterfinals will be:
Q1: Winner of A vs. Runner-up B
*Q2: *Winner of B vs. Runner-up A
*Q3: *Winner of C vs. Runner-up D
Winner of D vs. Runner-up C*

The semi-finals will be:
*S1: Winner of Q1 vs. Winner of Q2
S2: Winner of Q3 vs. Winner of Q4

*And, of course, the Gold Medal match to decide the new world champion will be:
*Winner of S1 vs. Winner of S2
*Follow our Grand Finalists’ World Cup adventure! Follow the FIWC on twitter (@FIWC) and the FIFA Interactive World Cup on Facebook! *

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