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FIWC 2014

Brazilian finalists ready for defining moment

A Brazil fan waves her national flag
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Earlier this month, interviewed the first four players to qualify for the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2014 Host Country Live Qualification Event, to be held at the Estadio das Laranjeiras in Rio de Janeiro on 24 April. Brazil’s interactive champion will be tasked with the challenge of trying to win Brazil’s first FIFA Interactive World Cup title since the very first FIWC in 2004. With just a few hours remaining before the big event, spoke with the last four players to qualify for the Host Country Qualification Event.

Cristian Peixoto Arruda (Sao Paulo)
“My chances are big and real,” says 22-year old Cristian Arruda. “I’ve devoted all my free time to improve my faults and arrive on the 24th at a high level.” Cristian believes in always respecting your opponents, but also backing your abilities. “You always think you play better than others, but then you qualify for something like this," he says. "To participate at this event proves that we really are at the top level.”

Arilson Gomes de Moura (Pernambuco)
"I’ve followed the FIWC since I started playing FIFA in 2012," says Arilson, "I watched the world's best players representing their respective countries and I thought, ‘one day I'll be there’. Today is the partial realization of my big dream in FIFA. The biggest dream is to take on the world at the Grand Final.” For the 31-year old it was important to prepare in a live environment before the big day: “I played a lot with my friends and worked on the psychological side of the game, which I think will be a decisive factor on the 24th!”* *

Allan Vicentainer (Sao Paulo)
“I'm only 15 but I hope to try to make history in this FIWC,” Allan tells The Liverpool-loving youngster, who has been playing six hours per day in preparation for the Host Country Qualifier, will be hoping to emulate the current performance of Anfield's finest. “It’s going to be a very even contest,” he says, “whoever is the most prepared and has the most luck on the day will win the chance to represent Brazil at the virtual world cup.”

Kaique Rodrigues (Osasco)
“Do not get anxious, because this can disrupt your game,” says Kaique from Osasco in Sao Paulo. While other finalists chose to train in a live gameplay atmosphere, Kaique focused on the challenge that got him to the Brazil final in the first place. “I trained playing online,” he says, "My chances are as good as anyone!"

Who will win the right to represent the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ hosts at the 2014 Grand Final? Follow all the drama and excitement of the Brazil Live Event with the FIFA Interactive World Cup on Facebook. We’ll be bringing you breaking news, photos and videos from the qualifier, being held at the historical Estadio das Laranjeiras!

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