We are happy to announce that the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2013 kicks off next week! On 1 October the long road to the FIWC13 Grand Final begins for all our competitors.

EA SPORTS ™ FIFA 13 will be released just a few days before Season 1 of online qualification for FIWC13, making the opening season all that more exciting as gamers discover and implement all the exciting new additions and features to the game.

Six online seasons, 12 places up for grabs!
Starting 1 October, you will have the chance to participate in each of the six online seasons as you try and secure a qualification seat for the FIWC13 Grand Final. Each online season will run from the first to the last day of the respective month. The top two overall players from each online season will join defending FIWC champion Alfonso Ramos at the FIWC13 Grand Final.

 Qualification Season
 Duration  Available Grand Final seats
 Online Season 1

1-31 October 2012


 Online Season 2

1-30 November 2012

 Online Season 3

1-31 December 2012

 Online Season 4

1-31 January 2013

 Online Season 5

1-28 February 2013

 Online Season 6

: 1-31 March 2013


Grand Final host
The FIWC13 Grand Final destination - which for the first time ever was decided by the FIWC community - is primed to deliver a spectacular event. However, hold on to your consoles, as you’re going to have to wait just a little longer to find out the results of the voting. We will announce the Grand Final location for FIWC13 very soon.

Are you ready?
The FIFA Interactive World Cup 2013 promises to be even bigger and better than ever before. All the information you need to get involved in the FIWC13 and of the qualifications modes will be released on FIFA.com/FIWC soon. You can also follow the FIWC on Twitter for all the latest updates on the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2013.

Territory Showdowns
There is a significant change to the live event format for FIWC 13. Instead of Live Qualification Events, there will be Territory Showdowns in England, Germany, France, Spain and Italy. The Territory Showdowns will be live-streamed so that the whole community can tune in and enjoy all the excitement, football and drama.

At each Territory Showdown, the best three online players from the respective country will be joined by last year's national champion to compete for a place in the FIWC13 Grand Final. The Territory Showdowns promise to be incredibly challenging and competitive. Best of all, everyone can enjoy them! There will also be qualification events taking place in the USA and Brazil, although these will have a different format to the Territory Showdowns. We will release further information on the Brazil and USA events closer to the time.