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FIFA Interactive World Cup 2012

FIFA 12 is a massive hit


The long wait is finally over. On 28 September 2011, EA SPORTS™ FIFA 12 was released around the world, and the response from fans has been incredible. Reviewers have also been fulsome in their praise, bestowing the latest edition of the record-breaking series with countless awards.

Long before its unveiling, discussions about the hugely popular game had been rife in various football communities, clubs and forums. What would the new defending system be like? What about the improved ball control? Is it easier or harder to score goals than in previous versions? How much of an influence does the revolutionary impact engine have on tackling?

The answers to all these questions became clear upon the game’s release and the response from fans and critics alike has been overwhelming. The world’s best-selling sports game has achieved new levels of realism, with the emotion of the crowd visible as soon as the players take to the virtual pitch. The game has also set new precedents in terms of sales, with over 3.2 million proud new owners of EA SPORTS™ FIFA 12 already confirmed. Naturally all of them were anxious to try out the game’s new features and they cumulatively spent more than 200 million minutes playing the game online within the first week alone!

The new defensive system is much more realistic and much harder! I’m really loving it!

Critics have been unanimous in their verdict that FIFA 12 is the ultimate game for any football fan. It has already been awarded several prizes, including Best Console Game at the Gamescom exhibition and Best Sports Game at E3. The FIFA Interactive World Cup 2012 will be contested using the latest edition of EA SPORTS‘™ flagship football sim, so start training now to make sure you’re ready to compete when FIWC12 kicks off on 1 December!

More information on the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2012 will be available soon on We will also be sharing some of the 2011 Grand Finalists' opinions on the new game. What do you think of EA SPORTS™ FIFA 12? Use the 'Add comment' section below to post your thoughts.

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