Our special music edition includes an interview with Eros Ramazzotti. He may hail from Rome, but he is a huge Juventus fan – and he is also sure that the Azzurri will bounce back. We met the legendary musician for a chat. Which songs do Griezmann, Özil, Shaqiri and co. listen to for motivation? We asked six international stars to share their playlists with us. Pelé, Johan Cruyff and Kevin Keegan have all released singles – we show a selection of some iconic record sleeves. English music director Ivor Bolton tells us what football and music have in common, about his first football match as a kid at Blackburn Rovers, and his fascination with Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger. “You only sing when you’re winning”: we present some classic terrace chants. Which song could carry the Seleção to World Cup glory in Russia? Brazilian DJ Alok reveals all. And: what happens when players listen to the same beats? A field test. 

“Football took a major step forward by deciding to adopt the use of video assistant referees – and by doing so already in this year’s FIFA World Cup,” says Gianni Infantino. “Supporting fairer results is a matter of respect towards the work of football professionals and the passion of millions of fans, that is to say towards the very heart of the game.” 

Five pages of news from FIFA’s member associations. 

… our popular picture formats “the month in pictures”, “photo archive”, “then and now”. As well as a football cartoon by Mordillo.